Druid Stealth Bar Bug

When I stealth on my druid, it does not switch from Bar 1 to the “separate” stealth bar.

I logged over to my rogue to test it out also, but on my rogue, it does switch. Bar 1 out of stealth and then stealth bar when I do stealth.

This seems like an unintended issue. Please upvote and fix!

I’m using the base Blizz UI tool, no add-ons.


Did you ever figure this out?

Yep, this is still an issue. Stealth bar for druid kitty form/prowl is NOT WORKING.


bump. please help get this bug fixed.

Bumping this issue. Still not fixed

Yeah what gives?

Bump. Please fix this. Been a couple days already

I’m sure you’ve tried this by now, but the way bars are laid out changed a lot with the patch. It used to be bars 1-10, with 7-10 being used for paging to forms/stances by default.

Now it’s 1-8, and an extra 4 bars for paging.

When you switch to cat, change something on your bar and then change back and forth… does the change stay?

If not, try installing bartender and check out all the bars through there, they are easier to label and delineate. If you are really going to cat/stealth and the bars aren’t changing, something must be screwed up with paging, and you can force it to change with an addon.

Still almost 1 week since the update, stealth bar is still not showing up. Is Bartender my only choice right now to fix this issue?

Bumping again for visability.
Druid stealth form no longer changes one of the bars to the stealth bar. Please don’t make us download an addon for this simple issue!!!


Bumping. Blizzard, please update us. this still isn’t fixed.

Not sure if it is really a bug, but you could work around the issue with a whole bunch’a macros.

 /cast [stealth] Stealth-spell-goes-here
 /cast [nostealth] Non-stealth-spell-goes-here

Replace each of your spells on your main bar with its own macro that switches between the desired spell based on your stealth status.

Unless I’m completely mistaken, I don’t recall that (in recent history) druid actions bars changed for prowl because every ability is usable outside of stealth. Especially with talents like Sudden Ambush.

My two cents is this was an intentional changed based on how Feral plays.


Yeah…. We had pounce and ravage which have been baked into rake and shred.

What are you trying to achieve in stealth that you can’t do outside of?

Non issue.

That’s what I was thinking. Unlike with rogues, the cat form bar doesn’t change when you go into prowl.

Believe this is intended. We don’t need a dedicated stealth bar anymore.

it did before. thats why i made this post

But again…… why?

There’s no reason for it to change.

All your abilities that require stealth work both in and out of stealth.

What’s the problem?

Is it needed sometimes. For example I use this macro:

/Cast Prowl
/Cast Rake

Then in stealth I only use the Rake ability so I can have my prowl and rake in same button.

It is not working for me neither.

A simple modification to your macro will make it work without a dedicated stealth bar.

 /cast [stealth] Rake
 /cast [nostealth] Prowl