Draka Alliance Reconnections

In this thread, please post if you played WoW on the Alliance side of Draka (US) in 2004-2006.

For best results, post what you remember about yourself and your friends you used to play with:
• Your character’s name, race and class.
• The name of your original guild on this realm.
• The character names of other players you’re hoping to reconnect with.

Please stick with in-game info, and do not post IRL identifying information about yourself or others.

To quickly find if the friend or guild you’re looking for is listed here, use the Search function! Just select the magnifier icon on the top right – be sure to check “Search this topic” to limit your results to this thread.

Good luck finding your former mates!

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Honestly, there are so many people I would like the chance to reconnect with. It would be impossible to recall the names of everyone I spent meaningful time with while playing. If you remember me and recall our time together fondly, please feel free to reach out. I would love the chance to say hello.


My main was a Night Elf hunter named Gregl on Draka. I bounced between a few guilds. Two of which were Children of Czar and Order of Illuminatus.

Regardless of if I met them in vanilla or slightly after, it would be nice to talk to the following people again :






Also since this forum turned out to be so popular, I decided to edit this post to say that I made a discord server for people from old Draka. No clue if anyone will use it but it available.


I mained a NE Hunter named Ticktack in the Free Masons guild. The guild was created around the end of vanilla and we raided heavily in TBC. My alt was HolyFighter, a NE priest.

The guild leader was Sour(Paladin)
I remember a few others but have not played since TBC.

Dear God. I followed a WoW Classic news article here for finding old players. I didn’t expect much, but here you are, Gregl. I was a Children of Czar. In fact you, I, and Czariticus spent a lot of time together.

I was there with you and the others on Vent the night Burning Crusade launched and the Dark Portal opened.

I was there for the making of the guild movies in Blackrock Mountain.

I was a NE Druid named Heike, and I remember you vividly.

It’s been 13 years. I still play the same druid with a different name.

Do you remember the infamous Jrdevious who would always try to hock overpriced BOE epics in trade chat?


Oh man! I remember JR. I grouped with him quite a few times. He was a little bit strange but seemed like a pretty nice guy honestly. Such good times.

I played a warrior named Sabin, and a mage named Kalliira a little later on.

Death Before Disloyalty was one guild, trying to remember some more.

I would love to reconnect with some people!


Oh! I was in Children of Czar for a short time before I quit, I actually recognize your name. Crazy stuff!

Played as Liquidmist an alliance priest. Had a ton of fun in Sinister, Bene and other guilds. Had a great friend named Jeff but can’t remember his hunter’s name. Hit me up if you’re playing Classic!


I was more of a late Classic/early Burning Crusade Player, but if anyone remembers a little gnome mage by the name of Hoole in Tinkertown Mafia, that was me. Full disclosure: I was lying about being a college student back then by more than a little bit and picked the guild entirely because the name sounded cool.

Wow, Heike. Man. I remember you. You and I made that fishing video with Sauske and Czar. I think you drove a tonk through each scene.

I remember JR. I think he also had a hunter alt named Huntboo. TBH I know he had a bad rap, but I had spoken to him a few times over voice and he was a decent enough guy.

Hoole Is also a name I remember seeing around. I think maybe I utilized your professions semi-frequently. An enchanter maybe? I don’t recall the specifics.

Oh he definitely wasn’t an enchanter, just an Engineer/Miner who never got beyond rank 100 or so. Entirely possible I crafted some odd thing or another though.

Well, we must have done something together. I played with members from TTM a fair bit.

Alfonse dwarf hunter here.

Gregl I think I remember you. I maybe did some BGs with you? I’m mainly looking for people I used to be in a guild with/go to gurubashi arena with/arena with: highsundevil, mirrae, rowwena, fritus, nocowlevel, peckx, ihatepugs, law, dfellswifey, kerrange, hobie, fatgirl. There are more that I cant think of now but if any of you see this let me know!

My name hasn’t changed, only my server. Looking for anyone that I may have PVPd with got to rank 11. Or anyone in the guilds Ubiquitous, bound souls, snow raven or most importantly Vendetta.

The fact I remember your name and you said you interacted with TTM members makes me feel like we’ve played together at one point too. I played on Draka from 2005 until Cataclysm as various characters. During Vanilla I was a Dwarf Hunter named “Bronann” and was exclusively in Tinker Town Mafia. Then during WotLK I came over as “Phailadin”, a Human Paladin and played with of the Nightfall which later rebranded to Insomnia in Cataclysm. I was also the Priest named “Meowington” but I believe I was Horde at this point? I’m not 100% sure.

If anyone reading this is from old TTM, let me know. I haven’t heard from Auratwig, Mini, Mugaru, Brodyofchoas, Sumperson and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.


How are we 15 post into a thread about draka and no one from Cold Steel Order. Where Rygar (a name that probably ment nothing to anyone in 2006)

And Jrdevoius was a celebrity, i still take about hin throwing enchants on trash items and trying to spin them for twice as much in /2.

Miekael Human Warrior Played within a few Guilds back in the day, amazing seeing all these guilds and especially Jrdevious name again. Raided from early 05 through the end of Vanilla, Hope to see some friendly names again in here XD

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Trade chat: BEARBOT!!!


I was a BC baby, but hey- Galdrin here reporting in! Anybody from The Usual Suspects? (except Idalia, f that guy.)

I was in of the Nightfall and Insomnia later in the game but I think I know you from PvP Phail. I think we may have done Arenas together with the mage named Mob aka carmen aka welfareline.

And bearbot. Is that grizzly from Been Bear Done That?

Been AFK for a few years but still remember the great times I had running with Terminal Chastisement, Shadow League and Brave Companions.