Dragons of Nightmare First Spawn -- 3:00 p.m. PDT April 16

Could have told us ahead of time so people didn’t skip ZG groups for no reason…


are you kidding me ??? that is by far the most stupid decission I ever read. ARE YOU KIDDING ???

I feel like they forgot to set the spawn for today and this is their cover up/explanation for it

Why else would they wait until now to post that


When I arrived at twilight grove earlier there were 30 alliance and 100 horde…

At least now we know for sure when they will spawn the first time.

Won’t be too bad.

So what’s the respawn time on all of these after they’re killed? Is each one the same? I know there’s only one up at a time.

For real? Like I’m so livid right now. I got buffs, I popped consumes for all this and you announce this 2 hours after the fact? This is so frustrating you have no idea.

Right at dinner time for EST, very funny.

I generally have no issue with this kind of decision, because it makes world PvP and a lot of fun…

But we organized for a week to gather with 4 other guilds to get the first dragon, and now that everyone knows for sure its coming (And the first ZG reset will have been done) we’ve effectively been punished for being the early birds and having been ready. Now our chances are much slimmer because so many more guilds will be there and Horde will come. Not very happy tbh.

I am excited for the PVP, but I think people who had been here today and ready will be very frustrated bc they came ready, and now their odds will be much lower and griefing will DEFINITELY happen.

Woulda made more sense not to mess with timers so people had to choose between ZG and 4D. Now you will have 200+ in all 4D zones. You guys gotta be trolling, I dont believe you are this stupid.


WPVP hell
Dragon incoming to a city near you!

They are not tethered like Kazzak right?

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At level 12, i doubt you will need to worry much about it

Turn off transfers to full realms please. Youre actively destroying healthy servers and communities for cash.

i think they already did
they even had free transfers outbound opened for a bit

Shame we can’t even log in to play since you continued to allow transfers to full servers and now we have huge queues.

Nope. Even the realms that have free transfers off still can be paid to be transfered to. Blatant money grubbing.

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They could have said nothing…

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Does not appear to be true

At 10:00 a.m. PDT today, we will disable Free Character Moves for Horde characters from the Incendius realm. Free Character Moves from Incendius will remain available to Alliance characters. We will also disable Paid Character Transfers to Incendius, Faerlina, and Whitemane at the same time.

that was like 5 days ago

here is the original

You have ally on ur realm?

Yes you do, as do many of us.

Really it’s brilliant. There’s going to be a bloodbath! Carebears beware! Hopefully the slaughter reminds some people they shouldn’t have rolled pvp servers.
Maybe queues will go down.