Dragons of Nightmare First Spawn -- 3:00 p.m. PDT April 16

As in original World of Warcraft, the Dragons of Nightmare have some randomness to their comings and goings.

So that players don’t have to wonder and wait, we’re going to trigger the four dragons to spawn for the first time on all realms at 3:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. EDT) tomorrow, Thursday, April 16.

Thereafter, they’ll respawn according to their own designs.


Glorious wpvp here we go!


Now you tell us. Real great communication.


Figures… After we spend hours waiting in ashenvale, now you tell us.


lmao communication at its best

Glad we waited here for 3 hours

Yes, thank you for letting us know! :+1:


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Now just add layers into whitemane so people can actually log into the game, and youre on fire!

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2 hours* my bad

L A Y E R S N E E D A D D E D !! Now! 7 Hour Queue!! WHY Is that topic even being asked for feedback?


Thankfully our entire guild wasn’t waiting for the dragons- oh wait, yes we were.

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Kaivax you gotta get them to do better than this…

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So you want your servers to crash I guess?

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How can Blizzard be so incompetent… what’s going on…

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absolutely shameless.

just go play your deathknight on retail

The servers are going to break, good luck dragon hunters


You wait 2 hours (the normal time when you forced spawned kazzak and azuregos) to tell us that we will have to wait?

Boohoo if guilds are still doing ZG, that’s not our problem.



Guess you should vote with your wallet then eh?, seems the logical thing to do when faced with Pathetic circumstances in my opinion.

WOO!!! Thanks for killing Incendius first!