[NEWS] WoW Classic: Zul’Gurub and More Now Available!

I’m sure people would love ot see zul’gurub but theres over a 6 hour queue on whitemane now.


Would be great if I could get on to actually play.


Blood for the Blood God

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theres new content other than 6 hour queue window?

I thought queue was the game


so uh, this is gonna be corrupted blood all over again right?

Now just add some layers so me and my friends can actually login to the content you guys are releasing and we’re in great shape. #7hourqueonwhitemane

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Can we get an update Kaivax on layers? 7 Hour queue on Whitemane bro

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Can you confirm the Edge of Madness summon rotation has changed from the vanilla two week rotation to a one week rotation?

dragons available tomorrow!

Wizard and Mana oils should be out, the lesser ones came out in AQ. ZG released brilliant.

Maybe try fixing servers, can we get that announcement

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Can you guys hire some competent network engineers?
The release of this new content was done with no planning or thought, and now all your customers are paying the price.

How do you expect anyone to invest in future games and content, when you disregard the user experience so highly.

How can you take peoples money, and provide such a bad user experience?


yes layers now please

Why do I feel like I was trolled by Blizz? I waited over an hour for that stupid dragon. I could’ve been ranking.

Transferred to Earthfury to escape queues.

Earthfury (as of today) now has a 45 min queue…tf Blizzard. Really?

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Queues released! Enjoy everyone!

One day blizzard will figure out that if you cant get in, you cant enjoy the game.

FTR I am not in queue. :slight_smile:


I would rather they instead manually boot those obviously running into walls to stay online while AFK.

OR just ban some of those bots that have been reported? 3 mages farming the north cresting guys, all bots. Killed them each 10+ times just while farming.

An infinite amount of lvling bots on every damn server. $15 a month to ruin a game, is that all they care about? (obviously a yes)

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Thanks for dropping this during a time when queues were already getting out of hand. Pay 15 dollars a month for a game where I have to wait 3 hours to get into the game. Why am I paying 15 bucks if I end up stuck waiting for a queue? I thought maybe the “new Blizzard” wouldn’t mess up WoW Classic cause the content is already there. What is there to ruin? I was wrong. Now I’m worried for any new content for WoW Classic by this current regime of Blizzard who has strayed so far from the original companies image it is Blizzard in name only.

If you ask me they should look into giving people a free month in the wake of all these queues as people are paying Blizzard to end up waiting to play more often than playing.

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