Dragonriding, so fun I want to smash my keyboard

It’s fun to me. I’d take it in a heartbeat over regular flying in Azeroth if only we had the option.

As you level it up the wait the jokesters are saying is significantly diminished. Once you have 6 vigor points and the bonuses to reduce their cd I mean honestly people complaining I have something’s to ask.

How are you using flight if a couple minutes wait ruffles your feathers? Are you flying every 4 minutes within the last time you landed? I don’t even do that with regular flying.

What is your threshold to learning? Tie that in with how impatient are you?

It is what it is and I don’t say the above things out of spite or sarcasm. It’s genuine curiosity because people are blowing dragon ridings complexity/learning curve way out of the water.

Just practice the system for a couple minutes you’ll get it.

And again remember it improves (a lot) as you level it.

Look up an addon called handy notes dragon riding essentials on curse. Shows you were all the glyphs are.

Anyway have a good night.


Whenever someone says it’s all about autorun, I can only think that you are the one who has always used autorun. Because I never have.


So you think gathering should no longer exist? Seriously, do you expect crafters to have to buy all those mats off a vendor?


Well Ion said they wont release normal flying after the success of this and likely it will replace flying in all other zones. The players love it.

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It’s just a little mini game. If you don’t like it, you can just run around on the ground until they give us regular flying.


Than why not use the new flying feature that does not have auto run? I’m loving this new flying, I love that I can fly on day 1, I love the customisations you can unlock and am almost done with my glyphs.


I gather like mad. But you did get me on one thing I’m playing as a dracthry which I should have included. Why does that matter in the equation? I have soar and glide as well as DR. Even still when I get a herb if DR is down it’s generally less than a minute to fly again with it.

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I’m genuinely beginning to wonder if you’re arguing in bad faith here.

  1. You do not need to mount in order to gather anything (Other than dragon glyphs)
  2. You’re a druid. Your gathering would be easier than all of our’s thanks to your travel form.
  3. Don’t most crafters buy their mats anyways?

I hate to tell you gathers this but this dragon flying will get you more resources faster cause of speed

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Nope, you just have to get to the point in the main quest where you unlock dragon riding. You will have all the points available and can therefore get every talent as soon as you get to that point.

Some people just want to argue for the sack of arguing because they don’t want change, it doesn’t help that Blizzard tells us nothing so people find straw hat arguments to make it look worse.

Normal flight is lame, delete it from the game

Its being removed in all zones and previous expacs and replaced with DF once the first patch hits.

nah don’t do that. being bored and just flying around in stormwind or orgrimmar while I chill and talk to friends on discord is iconic to warcraft at this point to me. harder to do that brainlessly with dragon riding.

Not entirely the case in DF.

There are herbs and minerals that are more commonly found up high and you need a dragon to get there.

After testing it, yes, that is the case. You have to plan a bit, but once you do it is very very fast. Start high and work your way down so you never have to wait on vigor to regenerate. By the time you hit a low point, a min has gone by and you have plenty to hop up high again.

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If you are having trouble with it. Ask someone to ride with you and learn from them.

i find it rather lackluster and not really the replacement for stupid ground mounts until pathfinder comes in i wanted. to be honest i would of rather them just have taking the fluidity and speed and make that the new flight animations for normal flying, minus the stupid resource garbage.

OP is 100% right. I’m not even having issues using it, but it is garbage. Let me use my flight form.


Lol @ all the bads.
It’s freaking easy guys.


I raid as a healer which I find easy. I bind all my spells to my mouse, and keep my left hand on arrow keys for moving(not the W.A.S.D keys, the actual arrow keys). Controlling movement with my mouse while also trying to push the buttons for up and forward with my mouse to spend vigor is just too clunky for me. I don’t use the # keys on my keyboard at all so when in a vehicle type thing in WoW I use the mouse to click not keyboard bindings.