Dragonflight Torghast Inclusion

So I was thinking I have not heard whether we will have a torghast style thing in the new expansion. I think if Blizzard did even though I find Torghast frustrating at times I still also find it fun.
So my idea is this has a 5 cave system. Have a cave for each dragon flight. Each floor is like we are exploring deeper into this cave. The mods we fight would be just that Dragonflight. The bosses would be that flight’s champion starting from whelp to like the max floor being an ancient dragon that has all the fighting abilities as the flight’s aspect does.
Each cave could even be themed to represent the dragon flight.

Just make it more of an area that cant test our skills and challenge us as either solo play or group.

Anyways that would be my idea for a Dragonflight-Torghast type thing.


I mean, obviously its because Torghast was an absolute failure. just like Island Expeditions were.

Its been 2 years and while tweaks have made it better, it still offers little to no rewards and a fraction of the playersbase even goes in there unless forced to.

You arent gonna see it in the new expansion because they havent been able to make this version work.


How was it a failure? sure it was challenging and frustrating at times yet I still see a ton of people go into it every day and week. So maybe this time they could get it done right. Make it just a noncommitment thing instead of a sort of compulsatory.

But it’s also important why they were a failure.
Island Expeditions shouldn’t have had Azerite as reward. A lot of people burnt out from spamming this stuff to catch up Azerite. On top of that the way rewards were provided was very strange. The way cosmetic rewards were earned was very convoluted for a while and no fun and the Dubloon trader should’ve been there from the start. What a lot of players also didn’t want was the ogogogo-system that you had to win against Horde and therefore could not explore anything, when Islands should’ve been about… well… exploration.

Torghast failed because players were regularly forced to go in there and grind curreny for their legendaries. I loved Twisting Corridors just because I could decide whether and when I wanna go in there and it was just for some cool cosmetic stuff and the mount. It was fun earning that, but spamming that for legendaries… no.

If Blizzard would just listen and LEARN from their mistakes, then bring those features back with huge improvements, that would be great.

I want something like Torghast or Island Expeditions to come back, but as improved versions that don’t give player power or we have to do to progress further.


no - no - no please no

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It was horrendously boring and had no narrative, all enemies you fight are also boring and all look the same,environments all look the same.

I kept saying add some better story to it, like the deeper you go you find a hidden civilization and some overgrowth or something.

The enemies you fight don’t even talk, it was so souless and boring, I hated ever second of it.

Every time I went there it felt like a punishment, I had no excitement for it at all.


My guess/hope is that it’s the Bronze Dragonflight temple we were briefly shown, and that there will be no player power attached to it.

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I see no problem as long as the rewards are cosmetic. If you force people into content they will resent it. If you abandon content (island expeditions were abandoned and forgotten midway through BfA) people will stop playing with it.

A developer has to have faith that the thing they are creating is fun enough for players to want to engage with it on their own.

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The only problem with torghast was that it was mandatory for power progression, and that some classes had vastly funner/more creative powers (demo lock, uh DK, shamans come to mind) than others (hunters with +50% buffs and dmg increases on trap activation come to mind)

It could absolutely be reiterated into a funner feature


They need to make solo instanced content that tells the story of WoW, Make it so you can level up through this but you unlock it at like level 20, then through the respected expansions.

You can kill hordes of your favourite monsters and learn about the story of WoW. Solo instanced content has potential. Torghast is like some wierd diablo gamemode in WoW.


I think you missed why islands/torghast failed. Blizzard made them mandatory. As a consequence, they had to be easy.

If torghast had been optional from the start, with only cosmetic rewards/mounts, it would have been better. It was fun pre-nerf in S1, but they crushed it as it just became a boring slog.


Precisely. It was designed to cater to all the players that weren’t inherently interested in the concept instead of catering to those that actually wanted a roguelike WoW experience.

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I want chromie’s terrific time tower.

Take the torghast floors, stick a death of chromie type lore narrative and have us go up the tower starting in warcraft 3 / vanilla and ending up to the current expansion, rewards mounts and recolors or unreleased armor from whatever expansion floor You completed, doesn’t even need new assets since you can just reuse each expansion’s art.

Chromie empowers you as you get farther in the tower so you can get that feeling of being really op for people who want that. Have a rep you level by doing it that sells the random loot boxes like they added to islands for when loot drops are bad.

Just keep it cosmetic.


all this torghast hate lol. I actually loved single player instances, torghast moreso than island expiditions for sure. I wanted to see some of these anima powers on the outside. They opened up new exciting ways to play.

I played sv hunter throughout shadowlands. In torghast, I buffed tar trap to be huge, and slow the enemy by 95%, then throw the kyrian arrow making everything crit, then flare the tar trap and set so many demons on fire, THEN chuck grenades into the crowd xD

Ive ran TG without any relevant rewards or upgrades, simply to hone skills and practice rotations and feel out new classes. Torghast gets a solid thumbs up from players that dont have time for a m+, no penalty for leaving early!

A failure like Ashran and Garrisons.

Let it rot as a monument to failure.

So just take the Deaths of Chromie and Torghast and squish them together with actual rewards?

I love it. Someone hire this wolf.

I have Tower Ranger and I even think Torghast was objectively a failure in terms of being popular in this game.

It had many of the same issues as the Mage Tower does for certain classes and specs, and it was put behind the ONLY way to get your legendary. Just that in and of itself is enough evidence.

it was so bad that blizz added a legendary ash bag in zereth so you dont even need to stop into torghast for your legendaries aside from crafting them

I appreciate everyone’s opinions, But I disagree.

I don’t think torghast Would be popular regardless. The only thing cool about it were the anima powers… Everything else about it was bland and boring.

The timers/scoring made it actually worse.

Just because mythic was successful doesn’t mean you need to do that for everything to make it successful.

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I hope so much there’s something like Torghast in Dragonflight. Torghast was so much fun to me. It is still the one thing in SL I have done the most of, and it is what encouraged me to level all of my alts (I wanted to do twisting corridors level 8 with every class, and I did with toons between ilvl 185-223). I loved the challenge aspect of it and I most certainly loved the powers that could make things get insane. I’ve made some crazy builds.

Now, arguably I had a lot more fun with it on Beta before they gutted a lot of stuff, and I really wish they’d have left the infinite mode in.

It shouldn’t have been tied to player power, imo. It should have been solely to offer unique cosmetics and mounts, etc. For example, completing twisting corridors 8 (or completing max layer of each regular wing of torghast) should have given us an updated version of the ICC tier gear. That would have been awesome. But it was something I enjoyed doing and I’ll be very sad when it’s gone.

I loved being able to go into content solo, or with friends, and just “dungeon crawl.” It was a lot of fun to me. Having the random modifiers and powers was also a lot of fun.

Torghast =/= Island Adventures imo, because island adventures were boring and E A S Y AF. If island adventures had been challenging and not just a “round up the entire island, AOE down and collect nodes while one person repeatedly kills the opposing faction NPCs” they might have actually had some fun to it. But instead, they were tiny little islands that got super repetitive super quick.

Torghast took me at least 100-200 hours before I got to where I can walk in and I know the layout of every floor, where things are likely to spawn, which mobs most likely have powers because they almost always spawn there on that floor, etc.

Islands took about 10 hours of playtime to reach that point lol.

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