Dragonflight: The Tempest Unleashed Pre-Expansion Event Shakes Up Azeroth

Dragonflight: The Tempest Unleashed Pre-Expansion Event Shakes Up Azeroth

As a new age of adventure approaches, Primalists compel the very elements to strike all over Azeroth. Quell their rage and venture once more into Uldaman to recover Tyr's lost memories.

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uhhhh cool wind battle pet? YES PLEASE!


Please tell me the mat to create the heirloom trinket was upgraded to a guaranteed drop if you kill the boss. I really don’t have time to farm the event forever for that silly mat.


Last I heard, it’s a rare drop, and you need the rare drop for each elemental to create the trinket.

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That’s my concern, given it’s a limited time event that’s just completely unreasonable.


Based on drop rates from PTR where I killed each boss dozens of time, most players will be lucky to get even 3 of the 4 required items to make the trinket.

The very select RNG lucky few who do make the trinket will deserve a FOS and title of some kind.


I completely agree. As long as the elementals can be looted more than once a day, it might make it bearable. If we only have 14 tries at each elemental per character, it will be very difficult to complete.

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They can be AFAIK, but people have lives. Blizz shouldn’t make them focus time they should be doing other things on a temporary event. That’s not healthy for either party. This is just dumb. If you get the achievement for doing all four invasions you should get the trinket.


I don’t think I could ever bring myself to vacuum up cute, innocent little critters… pixel based or not. :upside_down_face:

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Since when has is been required that everyone gets the participation award in an MMO? I am just curious, honestly. One of the things that used to make MMO’s cool was being able to get some items that 99% of players didn’t have. I really hope that things go back in that direction whether it is in WoW or any future MMO.


FFXIV kinda set the bar here for “participation rewards” for limited-time events.

And TBH I’d much rather have a reward be based on time and effort, and not RNG. RNG friggen sucks!


It’s been pretty standard for pre-patches. You don’t need to be so dismissive. FOMO is a really bad pattern because it burns out players and thus hurts blizz.

:roll_eyes: yeah there’s the true colors. Because an heirloom trinket is so important /s.

I really don’t. WoW is one of the few MMOs that leans so hard on FOMO and it’s a bad pattern. But if you want to feel special… w/e.


Yep and just like FF14 I would rather need something from the events that I need to save up to get the trinket over WoW’s need to say well its a 1/5000 (just an example) drop and you need 4 of them. Oh and you have roughly 2 weeks to farm them but each boss is only availble for a couple of hours at a time.


How is working towards something a participation trophy?

RNG is not a skill


Be cool if I could tag anything.


I can’t even get to the zone event. Booted out and Instance Not Found.

I don’t get it. Are we just killing mobs and hoping for token drops or is there an actual objective to be completed?

Seems like 3/4 nodes are empty at any given time and the last one has a million players instantly tagging everything.

It really did shake azeroth, it is unplayable right now

Good luck on getting a hit in on anything, every single thing is grayed out. No credit, no loot, no essences. I don’t know how this is supposed to work. So much for trying to participate in the prepatch event.


Shaken so much, you can’t even get in!