Dragonflight Talent Previews - Hunter and Rogue

so no Bone Spike? :c


Echoing Reprimand and Resounding Clarity breaking Sub/Outlaw another expansion. :sob:



They’ll forget to do ours and then just copy paste some vanilla crap.

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It’s such a nice ability for Assassination. Big, meaty hit, ranged, applies a new dot, etc.


Restless Crew: Restless Blades also affects party members within 40 yds, reducing the remaining cooldown of a major offensive ability by 0.2 sec per combo point spent.


I still wanted a Death Blossom like ability for Outlaw. Bulletsssss.


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Where’s kidney shot??? EDIT: they added Kidney Shot everything is all good boys

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I’ll do my normal big post in the CC forums after a calculator is out, but just wanted to touch on a couple things:

  1. Why did you make the class tree so ranged focus if you weren’t going to offer the ability to spec into a ranged version of survival in the spec tree? Our main spell will still be melee. A simple passive talent that turns raptor strike into black arrow, increases damage of certain ranged attacks (to make up for no raptor strike) and then another to grant lock and load would go a long way for those who wanted range sv back.

  2. I do like how focused the survival tree is on working with your pet. However, pet AI does worry me. We’ll see how it works.

A+ on the Coordinated Assault rework though. I’m glad it’s not just a bestial wrath clone now.


raid spot here we come!

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Hunter notes:

Mutli-shot is a row 2 talent for BM but row 4 for MM?
Excitement scale:
Hunter (left side) 7/10
BM 4/10
SV 2/10
MM 7/10
Not a whole lot to get excited for. Solid. But I’m not like OMG hunter is gonna be my main.

Steady shot + Wing Clip baseline for all? Interesting. Fear this will just be redundant spells though.
MM Can get KC, interesting. Super weird that CC shot is a row 1 talent.
I like the Latent Poison / Vipers Venom choice node.
Yesss Chakrams are back for BM and MM. I know it’s just a fire and forget spell. But I love the visual.
Surprised Death Chakrams were the Covenant ability we’re keeping going forward.

In regards to the hunter side of the tree, a lot of it is a little boring… but there’s some nice changes. I see stuff MM is going to take from SV and BM. I’m struggling to see what BM gets though.

It appears SV is staying melee and BM ranged. I was hoping to see the potential for a melee weaving BM playstyle or a fully ranged SV.

BM notes:

Lol muti-shot and cobra shots are talents?
2 pets seems to becoming a burst window? Lame

I am not really digging anything on BM.

MM notes:
Multi-shot is rank 4 talent?? but rank 2 for BM?
Lone Wolf is a talent. I like that. I want my pet out 24/7
I really like the Light Ammo vs Heavy Ammo node.
Wind arrows could be visually neat.


Oof. So not excited for every m+ mm hunter build to feature the sylvanas bow power. Could you nerf it!


They seriously need to make Echoing Reprimand different if they wanna make it core.

It seems like its limited to 3CP with resounding which is good, but they also have to make it not charge the second CP, trying to spend 2CP as a rogue is a clunky fumbling experience.

Limit it to 3-4-5 and 4-5-6 with strategem.


Right? It’s a conspiracy I tell you! Even Larian Studios is taking their time releasing Paladin for BG3. No one likes us :upside_down_face:


Shaman. You mean Shaman.

We forgive you, it was an honest mistake.


Disappointed to see Count the Odds return for Outlaw. Let me Cheap Shot, damnit!

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I feel like you should probably change the name of the chakram talents. Like, from a mechanical perspective I know that Chakrams is basically a Divine Star, “shoot out and come back to me” while Death Chakrams are more like, “I throw it and it bounces around my enemies like Prayer of Mending,” but MAN is “Chakram” vs. “Death Chakram” a weird naming choice. You might want to go with “Rebounding Chakram” vs. “Ricocheting Chakram” or something.


Just remove Master Assassin if you’re going to keep nerfing it to the point of always skipping.

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I’m going through the list of stuff and the first thing that annoys me in there is that Scare Beast is locked behind Thick Hide (5/10% health to pet) and Improved Mend Pet (25/50/75% increased healing on Mend Pet) which are both fairly underwhelming talents that cost several points just to get… and getting the scare beast node doesn’t unlock anything that the much stronger talent “improved trap” provides.


I was really hoping rogues were going to see some group utility as it did in the past.
Tricks of the Trade used to give a damage buff.
Smoke Bomb was a DR


I mean outlaw gives CDR to everyone