Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight: Seeds of Renewal is live!

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I can’t wait to hear Genn, of all existing creatures in the Warcraft universe, say anything positive about the Forsaken, whose actions facilitated his son’s murder and whose lust for destruction saw his country ruined and city drowned in the invisible fire of chemical weapons, because they helped kill some Crusaders.

Dear God, it was horrible.


Awesome! Thank you for resolving the Trading Post Enthusiast achievement issue!


Just wanted to note:

“We’ll be adding a way to revert these talents back to their Shadowlands visuals in a future update.” is so awesome! Not that I would revert them, but for those that prefer the current visuals!

“Discover the Dragon, Explorer’s League, and Tuskarr appearances for Pepe located in the Dragon Isles.” Yay, we’ve been trying to figure out where to get these since launch!


More stay and listen please. God, I love those.


What are you talking about no human customizations added since 2007? There’s been plenty added, human actually have more than most iirc.


Class balance changes when? The game is sinking into chaos.

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:

  1. They’ve been getting customizations.

  2. What is UP with your name?


I do be eye’n that new skin tone tho

  • Azerothian Archives: It seems to be a fun thing. Can’t wait to test it.

  • Gilneas Reclamation: I hope we will get a good story for this.

  • Follower Dungeons: I will test it for sure.

  • Dragonriding Available Worldwide: I don’t know if I will use it everywhere.

  • New Character Customizations: More hairstyles for Trolls and Draenei could have been a good move. Same thing with some new Shivarra models. Also where are the beards for Troll males? I think you should release/create more diversified customizations like hairstyles, beards, jewelries, eye colors, etc.

  • Discover Bel’ameth: The most disappointing part, Bel’ameth don’t feel like a real capital city as Darnassus for Night Elves. I seems a little peacefully village or a settlement and not as a capital. So I really hope it’s a work in progress and we will see more updates in the future patch/expansions for Bel’ameth.

I will put a short list of what we could have to get a “better” capital for Night Elves in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil:

  • A big Temple of Elune
  • More Night Elf structures
  • A more purple skybox in Amirdrassil
  • Draenei and Worgen ambassadors
  • An auction house
  • A bank
  • A barbershop
  • Druid/hunter/mage/warrior/monk trainers
  • More Night Elf children
  • More Dryads
  • More Owls

Don’t get me wrong, Bel’ameth is nice but many elements are missing to be a “better” capital for Night Elves. It seems like an unfinished work so I really hope it’s a work in progress and we will get more things in the future patch and expansions for Bel’ameth.

Also reassemble the Dragon Riders of Loreth’Aran between the Night Elves and the green dragons could a good move for them.


What else do you want from it? I mean it’s not really a “capital city”. It’s more of a small city or a small town really.

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Irony, thou art a poster.


I would like a “better capital city” for the Night Elves and not just a small village. Darnassus were a good capital city, Bel’ameth is not. So I hope we will get more for Bel’ameth in the future.


Also I hope Gilneas will get some things to be a proper capital city.

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Can we get individual colours for Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn? As well as silver armor for the night version? It looks weird with the yellow


That would be awesome, ngl.

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Would be cool if Draenei could hide their tails.

The change from Faeline Stomp to Jadefire Stomp (and associated Fae abilities) seems awkward considering there is already a faction of Satyrs in Felwood known as Jadefire Satyrs and at least two areas (Jadefire Run and Jadefire Glen). This faction has existed in World of Warcraft since the beginning and it’s just really wierd to have a monk ability named after them (even if it’s unintentional, it’s there…)

I would suggest leaving it as Faeline, or finding some variations using Niuzao or the other August Celestials

Faeline Stomp to Stomp of Niuzao
Faeline Harmony to Harmony of Chi-Ji
Way of the Fae to Way of the Tiger
Fae Exposure to Mark of Yu’lon


I think it’s supposed to be the new capital, but my guess is that it’s a work in progress. NEs didn’t really have a tree to call home again until now. If memory serves me right, I believe there were datamined areas for a bank and AH, among other things.

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You’re comparing my name, referencing the next expansion, to someone whose name is crazily derogatory and anti-LGBT?