Dragonflight Season 2—Now Live!

Wasn’t S1 literally just those spell effects?

Disenchanted. :dracthyr_love_animated:


I would bet 85% of bugs would disappear if everyone returned to office.

Also a FoS achievement. Altho its quite possible it’s still there for S2 but the unpaid intern who originally wrote the article missed it. They did misspell the name of the raid on the other announcement so it’s entirely possible they errored on this one too.

Why don’t you guys like just take your time? Nobody likes a rushed product.


At least it was something.

Ksh should get wep illusion, never understood why that was only a PvP reward, hell I’d be cool with them giving it to mythic raiders (could be a drop like raz skin)

To help line up releases with Diablo 4.

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Have blizzard staff been working from home for two decades now?


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…k blizzard.
No druid flying still?
Its funny that you did put in notmal flying for dragonflight, but you can only use it when you are dead… “cause of dumb blizzard reason”



You can’t deny there’s been a MASSIVE influx of bugs since covid lockdowns.

Eh… yes, one can actually deny it.
BfA and SL were pretty bad expansions and most of it was developed from office. They were lackluster, but mostly bug-free.
DF had a lot of bugs, but not because WFH but because the beta was cut short from ActiBlizz management who wanted to push out the product way too early. Source: one of the lead employees at that time who left the company a short while ago, Brian Birmingham

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so, you agree with me then.

Not really, no. Your argument is based on the wrong premise because those bugs weren’t caused by WFH, but by lack of testing because ActiBlizz wanted to push out the product way too early. The beta was extremely short and it ended shortly after brand new stuff was shipped out for testing. There was also no time for proper M+ testing or more raid tests. Classes weren’t even finished at that time and during beta a key developer for Priest and Druid left, so development stopped for a longer while.
A lot of SL content was also developed from home and it was still mostly bug free.


There’s still time to make the Paladin tier a robe instead of the clipping dress… :eyes:

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Re: their updated information (told you the intern forgot it!)

Still don’t understand why the “added visual effects” from KSH are restricted to the tier set appearance. So many players xmog their gear, and those special effects just disappear.

BTW no mount for KSM apparently. Instead you get a token for powerful equipment — whatever that means.

Brackenhide is gonna be an absolute :poop: show

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Won’t be that bad, bring an alch, hell every one of my characters is an alch because of the increased phial length.

if you need to bring something specific for a dungeon, it’s already a bad design

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