Dragonflight Preview: More on Professions

As a utilitarian crafter (meaning I’ll probably never go deep into crafting “end game”) but as someone who fervently believes an MMORPG should be approached as a shared world immersion experience - I adore everything I am seeing so far.

Some nice to haves:

  1. Deconstructing gear to award components. The quality of the gear denotes the quality of the items, where deconstructing awards a small % of what it took to make the item. For low level, this could be fragments which need to be combined. So a low level green cloth item may award a common enchant item and 5 linen or wool.
  2. Deconstructing gear to learn a pattern. Instead of extracting components, when you pull apart an item, you have a chance to learn that pattern, with a “higher DC” (to use D&D terms) for the higher ilvl item. So maybe a 90% chance to learn a Vanilla white item pattern. but maybe a 3% chance to learn a “Shadowlands” epic item. You learn this skill for each prior expansion (so can’t be used for current expansion gear).
  3. Alchemical Experimentation - allows you to combine potions/phials/flasks and when using your alchemist stone as a catalyst, gives you a % chance of creating a new item and a smaller chance of learning how to make that item (and a small chance of blowing up, or turning you into a newt).
  4. Dyes - gear and weapon crafters can learn to apply dyes to recipes learned from deconstructing gear. This allows crafters to create “look alike” gear, especially for old-school patterns. Imagine being able to craft a judgment set but using pink dye, or gray dye).
  5. Transcriptions - at a certain level, crafters can learn how to write out their recipes and sell those on the AH. The buyer would need to be of the related level to be able to use the recipe.

Anyway, keep up the great work. I am really digging this.


Hey thank you for adding professions back to where they should have been.

I wont praise you for fixing a problem that never should have gotten as bad as it did. Thank you for doing the bare minimum effort to make prof relative again.

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Give the previous expansion crafting some love too. Make it possible to submit work orders for old items.


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My god I might actually have bagspace in this expansion! Now I’m all excited lol


I don’t know. If I need something, I usually buy it myself and don’t try to whisper other people if they can provide me with material - material they might need for themselves when they’re at the table! That’s not really thought through.

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  • New Reagent Crafting bag in its own bag slot = WOOT!
  • Stacking gathered mats to 1000 = WOOT!
  • Stacking crafted consumables to 200 = Double WOOT!
  • Auctioneers in DF zone = about time!
  • Slots for crafting/fishing equipment = fantastic!

  • Not sure about the crafting ranking/quality system. That may prove frustrating and/or expensive.
  • Crafting stations are interesting, but I hope I don’t have to do that to prospect/mill.


  • Does the crafted consumable stacking to 200 include food?
  • Is the stacking going to apply to older materials too? PLEASE say yes so I can tidy up my bank.

The rank crafting system is a horrible idea, in regard to if its like SL where you need to rank up an item to craft it better.

If its ranked like it was in BFA where its jsut cheaper to make? eh thats kind of a what ever thing.

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I am just looking to focus on being a helpful crafter this expansion. I mean, I don’t think I can be a master crafter given I won’t be doing Raids and Mythic+ stuff, but hopefully I can still do well enough so that I can better help people. Just want to chill when I get on this time and not worry about gear (minus the gear for crafting that I can access of course.)


The stacking updates are awesome! Not sure how I feel about a regents bag, but looking forward to checking it out eventually.

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I don’t particularly care for all these additional profession equipment and crafting tables for immersion - that sounds more like annoying than immersion.

The profession equipment adds nothing that I can see other than something else to chase. And let me guess you have to chase the better of them in dungeons and raids.

The tables will just prevent people from using their time waiting for a groups to fill for constructive purposes, i.e when at a world boss and you are in the off hours - can take a few minutes for the group to populate - it was nice to be able to craft then instead of just tabbing out. Also, those people crafting will often be your competitors on the AH so I am not sure what social activity you expect will take place - stalking so you know when they post?

I didn’t care for something in that first preview on professions either but I can’t seem to find that post.


they might include every thing and for food in bank i hope so but on a person lets not go wild with that till more time

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Alpha starts today. If we have crafting I intend to find out.

My 2013 laptop won’t play it. BUT my new one that GD helped recommend is out for delivery today. SOON.

I am spawn camping my front door waiting for it.


do not say anything about it if it falls under the dma thing

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Alpha is not NDAed :stuck_out_tongue:

Once it goes live people can stream it, write articles about it, and make posts about it.


Reagent bag slot is welcome news. This eases my worry about bag space, though I still have concerns with how quality levels on gathered items will play out on the AH.

One question though: Can current crafting bags go in the reagent bag slot, or are those obsolete now?

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k but some games that were alpha still was nda
just trying to keep players safe

like the mining jc ones?
if so they might be
we do not know yet

Yes, if you get exclusive access to a preview of the Alpha (and some people did), that was NDAed. They are now allowed to talk about it.

I was not in that group! Some of the content creators were though.


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“As part of the professions revamp, we are streamlining how Prospecting and Milling work. With this update, you will soon find new Milling and Prospecting recipes in each expansion-specific version of Alchemy and Jewelcrafting that you know.”

Are Alchemy and Inscription being combined? I haven’t really done any Alchemy in SL, but I don’t think you have to mill anything. AFAIK, milling is for Inscription.

I also saw no mention of Inscription, tables for it or equipment. :scream:

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Not really a fan of the crafting stations. I don’t like to share my workspace with others. But I’ll live.

Still a bit skeptical about the bag space “solution”. Yes, I do have some big accumulations of some mats sometimes but it’s the number of different things accumulating that worries me more than the number of stacks of things.

Not having to worry about my fishing rod or accidentally vendoring my shield/offhad because of a mixup is a huge win.

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