Dragonflight Preview: More on Professions

Dragonflight Preview: More on Professions

In this preview, the World of Warcraft development team shares more on the new profession updates and shows off some of the new crafting stations and equipment becoming available in Dragonflight.

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“The Artisan’s Consortium also has Crafting Order representatives located in the city and has even convinced some Auction House representatives to set up shop in the area as well”

Brutosaur hunting no more.


Please merge inscription and alchemy!! <3

Also, those goggles are so cute! #Snatching :smiley:


The new reagent bag sounds amazing! :smiley:


" the engineers of the Dragon Isles have invented remote crafting tables for alchemists to use— don’t worry, they very rarely explode."

This sounds like a goblin wrote this. :rofl:


Stacking pots to 200 is really going to be nice.


Things stacking to 1,000 is going to save me so much space. This could be really amazing.


Sounds pretty good.
The only thing I’m absolutely not feeling are the Crafting Stations.
My “social experience” isn’t enhanced at all by having to travel to a station just because I want to quickly craft one piece. I don’t have any reason to interact with the people standing around there and for me it might just be another small annoying thing that’s a waste of time. Imho that’s a step back to some kind of Classic-gameplay and its inconveniences.


Really hope professions live up to their charm in DF, since it is a personably favored aspect of the game.

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Good changes for the most part. Not sure how I feel about crafting stations yet. I guess it’s going to depend on their availability throughout the isles.


True. If they’re in every zone it might work. Still not that great because you have to be on the new continent, but it would provide a bit more flexibility. I’m just hoping they don’t stick to their old ways and keep these stations in one single area.


Make level 50 character

Skip maw intro

Pick up Shadowlands engineering

Send your crafted materials to level 50 character with Shadowlands engineering

Use engineering AH

You never needed brutosaur in oribos


That’s the exact same thing as having an AH character with a guild bank, which I already have. Don’t have to switch characters now is the point.


First impressions:

  1. I love the Engineering and the Alchemy Stations!!
  2. Love the change on stackable reagents and consumables. My very full bags appreciate it very much.
  3. Love the Mill/Prospect all option, my scribe was sick of standing on Ardenweald for hours at a time.
  4. Love the “tools as equiped items” thing.
  5. Good that you can’t transmog your working gear! I want to recognize a master crafter when I see one!
  6. Please make the Artisan’s Mettle reagent account bound! We have alts! We can’t do everything on one toon! Not all of them need things recrafted!

Edited to add:
Can we get a “station hearthstone” so we don’t have to waste time travelling to the crafting station? Please?


Ooh, nifty.

The main friction I see here is you need to be a certain place to craft things. I think that sort of thing in a game that tries really hard to elongate your travel time is always annoying.

Do I have to be at an Enchanting table to put a weapon enchant on my staff? Or is this just for crafting gear specifically?


Kind of feels like 3 steps foward 1 step back.

I like the reasoning behind tables but ultimately I think it will be tedious.

Reagent bag - Awesome
Proffesion equipment slots - Awesome
Higher stacking - Legendary!


LoL,alchemy,jewelers and engineering stations should have some sparks after all they do have reactions ,but nevertheless I like it.

I honestly don’t get the social interactions at a station ,that’s like in chemistry you have to pay attention to what you are doing or else. Maybe exchanges of items?

So what point is there to create profession specific looks yet don’t make them transmogable? Typical

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