Dragonflight Preorder Heroic

Hey there, i bought the heroic dragonflight, wanted to use the level 60 boost and it still hasn’t popped up on my account yet? its been 2ish hours. I’ve gotten the mount and pets. but the boost still hasn’t popped up? any ideas why? (Restarted wow many times. played for a bit and check it again and still nothing.

ID give it some time all digital purchases can take up 2 24hrs usualy sooner. Also check ur transaction page to see if it went thru or not.

oh it did, 101.20 came out of my bank account. (like i said. i’ve received the mount and pets. just not the level 60 boost). and i did buy the heroic one.

Id still give it some time.

Keep in mind that most online purchases take up to 72 hours to process, the funds you see “taken” are often just held in anticipation of the purchase completing.

Most purchases complete the initial processing within 24 hours though.

I don’t see any issues with the purchase itself, so it might just be taking a bit of time. Sorry for the delay, Slimlight.


no worries, thank you for the reply :slight_smile: .


did you end up getting it? if so how long did it take? having the same issue!

did you get yours yet?

From what I can see, they received and used the boost about 30 minutes after their last post.


That is right. From the time I made the Purchase it took about a hour to a hour and a half max. :slight_smile: