Dragonflight Preorder epic contents

Does the epic $90 come with 30 day or 60 day game time? The very same web page has both listed.

It comes with 30 days.

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There should be a chart on the shop page:

As Fuzz said, the Epic version includes 30 days of game time as well as the, Timewalker’s Hearthstone Effect, Diadem of the Spell-Keeper Head-slot Transmog and Wings of Awakening Back-slot Transmog in 5 Color Variants.


“The complete collection”, which is also on sale, includes both ShadowLands and DragonFlight.
It comes with 30 days for SL and another 30 days for DF.

Just purchasing DF however just includes the 30 days for the single expansion.


Indeed. The Complete Collection would be if you don’t have Shadowlands. The Heroic version includes 30 days of game time, and the Epic includes another 30 for a total of 60.


My husband and I were both a bit confused. Not surprising. We are both on a recurring sub. When we were checking out after prepurchasing, we had to make a choice of buying 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or think about it until later. My husband took 30 days because it was the shortest. I took think about it. Why did we have to choose? We have a sub. Like I said, we can get confused easily. :grin:

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That is strange, Misbecky. If you have a subscription already set up I’m not sure why it would have asked you.

I thought so to. There was no option to skip it. It was my husband too so I am not totally crazy. :crazy_face:

I’ll add that I also received that prompt about adding a sub despite already having a 6 month subscription. I selected that I didn’t need a sub and was able to progress, and then went to confirm that my sub really was still active. Not sure why the store gave that prompt as it is quite unexpected (made me think something was wrong with my sub for some reason).

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Understandable. Sounds like one of those things where they are intending to be helpful (hey, do you need any game time to play what you just purchased?), but it’s causing some unintended confusion.

There’s been some changes to the sub processes since the beginning of the year at least.

I needed. To update my CC 3 digit code numbers and it automatically canceled my sub that used that card when I updated the card.

In the past, I could change cc info and the current subs using it would not cancel.

When I pre-ordered yesterday, it asked me to set up a subscription as well…even though I have had one set up for quite awhile now.

This is what it showed me when I made my purchase. I don’t have an active subscription, but did have game time into August at time of purchase.

Also, they might need to shorten that layout somewhat as it really would not be easy to select the 60 days of game time that shows up below the CONTINUE button.

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Same thing I saw Kyzera.

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I had the same issue with the sub. My 6 month is good till October. However as soon as I purchased the pre-order, while logged into the game, I started getting messages that “trial account can’t talk in that channel”. Logged out and back to the launcher and back in. Same thing. Finally went and reconfirmed the sub either through the launcher or actually I think the link the system message gave and it still did it until I totally closed out the launcher and restarted. Not sure if that was a random timing issue or what. Was also annoyed that it said the sub would be billed at the end of current time, but it sent a pre-purchase to my card for a 6 month sub anyway.

This happened to me as well, and since I was in-game at the time, it ALSO somehow prevented me from listing an auction - I got an error message that I was on a trial account.