Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

Yeah, there is, but why waste it on that crap?

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I’m sure people will have plenty of time to level their winged lizard from 58 to 60 before DF drops. :thinking:


I don’t know there’s a lot of casuals out there… that’s what the gd forms say

Oh man I’m glad y’all fixed da voodoo shuffle. All I see are trolls gettin outta snares and regenerating health all over the place. Thank you for prioritizing this game breaking issue.

The intention is for you to make a proper build template for tank matches. It is new content for you to learn. Everyone else has to learn new content all the time. Giving tanks somewhere to PVP is very useful for the game overall. Frankly, tank matches are one of the more fun and more interesting things to ever be added to WoW.

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Yes, they start at 58. On beta, by the time I finished the intro zone my Drac was almost 61 on the revised XP tables.

If they use the current XP table that might become an issue getting to 60 in the intro.

So hopefully, the new XP table will get implemented at the same time as the evokers become playable.

You don’t need to pre purchase DF to play pre patch content right. These are all just base game changes.

You only need to pre purchase to play Evoker on 15th right

Fist pumps accompanied by unnecessary hip-thrusts

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ok so what about classes that need heals like say a warrior. they just get screwed because a troll build came in

Impending …

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ive been on the beta in solo shuffle a lot and trust me when i say impending isnt going to save you

I say the same about being in solo shuffle constantly, specifically as warrior, and impending do save me, a lot. I haven’t done anything on WoW but play solo shuffle on live and beta for like 3 months lol

  • Upgrade stones can now be applied to pets directly through the Pet Journal (was use upgrade stone on a summoned pet).

Oh the joy! Watch me level all my pets now! This is a great QOL change for pet collectors.


ugh, i had heard rumors druids would have more races in DF but apparently not. so i get to be an ugly troll for another expansion. sigh. :frowning: thank gawd for noggenfogger i guess.

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Why make Dractyr playable so late? I was expecting them to be available as soon as the prepatch launched =(


I don’t see anything in here about when Chromie Time goes to level 60, any update on that?


A whole extra month to wait for Dracthyr, let alone 90% of the prepatch content that is not even included in this “Patch” is a ridiculous venture. I cannot even fathom the idea of considering this a prepatch when it only includes a small fraction of the content that a prepatch, a REAL prepatch is supposed to include; A new event, race additions, class additions, and C O N T E N T. Shoving all the content into late November shafts the fun and tangibility of the prepatch, seeing as we will only have a little over a week to engage in it before the full Dragonflight expansion releases. I for one am not pleased that something that I have been waiting for and have been looking forward to has been delayed to generate “Hype”.


No, it’s been delayed because it’s not ready. They put it up on the PTR and it was such a disaster, they shut down the servers. It’s more that they are releasing the other bits early to generate hype. The delay on core features is purely functional.


At long last all the crying in the wrath forum asking for RDF would end…

I hope you all enjoy your expansion, i truly meant it, but stay here… Forever!

Greetings from Classic.

This is why classic is going to fail in a few months because the small pop from private servers are some of the most toxic players that never grew up. Its worse then league. The bad part is you dont even want classic wotlk you want vanilla in wotlk format