Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

The Dragonflight Pre-Expansion update is live!

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Blows party favors

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Will covenants and the associated talents be disabled? The new talent trees incorporate a lot of those talents and it would be weird to have duplicate spells or spells that were buffed twice because of having talents based on the covenant talents as well as the covenant talents.


Yes!! Super excited for this and the expansion!! We are getting closer!!

  • Up to 5 players of any faction can tag an enemy to earn quest credit and drops (was faction specific). War Mode is unchanged.

Thank god.

Do us a favor and release this part like, right now, today, before servers go back up.


Only outside of SL afaik

50-60 level revamp when?

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The article doesn’t mention Drakthry or Evokers so I guess they will be added in part 2 of the pre-patch.

With removing relentless you have taken away the one advantage humans had in pvp. now everyone will go orc. please nerf orcs

Dont drop the ball on rated solo shuffle. tanks will ruin it


Tauren rogues, at long last. I’ve been asking for this for so long. My time has finally come.


It’s a nerf to both. :dracthyr_love_animated: Also human ability to run double stun break unaffected.

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Free barbershop?! Best expansion ever!


I’d love to know the devs’ thought process behind this:

  • Resurrection Sickness now lasts 1 minute (was 10 minutes). Characters that resurrect at a Spirit Healer below level 10 now suffer 10% durability loss, and characters that resurrect at a Spirit Healer at level 10 and above now suffer 50% durability loss (was all levels suffer 25% durability loss).

I just wonder what prompts this type of change. I generally don’t res at the SH anyway (does anyone do that a lot?), but still, just a weird thing to change after this many years, IMO.


you dont know how happy it makes me see a vulpera warrior thats above 2100 “not that ill ever get that high” but you must admit that it would of been more easy if you were orc :slight_smile:

Yeah, for sure. :sob: The passive 10% will help all the “bad” races, though.

Thank you

Resurrection Sickness now lasts 1 minute (was 10 minutes).

Now get rid of mobs unmounting some one


It looks like the new adjusted XP ranges are not mentioned in the article.

This might significantly affect anyone making a new Evoker unless that gets put in when they become playable.

Guess we’ll see.

Isn’t there mount equipment for that?


Mount equipment.

Don’t they…start at level 58?

They start at 58 and their intro will carry them to 60 and even beyond if DF is released