Dragonflight is 10.0 Done Wrong

Why is this being turned into something about the class again? The focus of the issue is the Dracthyr and only being able to be Evokers. We want other class options for this new race and I for one don’t believe we should have to wait till 11.0 for it.

It’s either willful ignorance or purposeful confusion for the person to more easily attack the thought of more classes. By conflating Race and Class for dracthyr they can make asinine arguments like “Where are DK healers hur dur?,” “More tank classes won’t solve the tanking shortage” OR “Only Elves can be DH why isn’t that a problem” and my favorite “1st new ranged class ever why can’t we have nice things.” Instead of you know actually talking it over with people.

Good thing we’re in a free market where people can only play the games they like.

My Dragonborn in D&D can breathe fire at foes, and they still want armor and weapons/shields.

Shh you might hurt their “fantasy” kinda like Tauren Rogues have made the game unplayable.

I still think this is the better solution:

TL;DR: Leave Dracthyr be, but give us a playable dragon race that is more in line in the physicality of dragons. A Dragonborn analogue.

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As I said before I like the idea, but lets be honest Blizzard couldn’t be bothered to make the new race availble to all roles, they aren’t gonna be in any hurry to drop us a whole new race to make up for it. Maybe I’m wrong but if they are out of touch enough to not realize Dracthyr currently outright alienate certain players because of the lack of full options, I don’t figure they think they need to do anything else.

I’ll be honest - I don’t think that any amount of threads would cause Blizzard to create a new race on relatively short notice. But I do think that they would have them reconsider cutting something that is already in active development. Although they’ve said that no Allied Races are currently planned… I have my doubts about that. But if Drakonids are in active development and Blizzard decides to pull a WoD/SL with Dragonflight and “trim” content? I guarantee you that Allied Races would be among the first features to be considered for the chopping block.

How would Dracthyr know how to do anything else?

Well since it seems like enough time before stasis passed that the Weyrns were formed, leaders set up, and enough time had passed for them to practice their craft enough for some of them to reach Evoker status, it stands to reason (though we don’t know yet) that they could have learned of or even watched from a distance other peoples using weapons. And since we now know that Evokers are the best of what they do, we don’t know what the non-Evokers might use in a fight.

I think the thought is that Evokers are just top tier, rendering the other Dracthyr moot by comparison.

Like why we have Warlocks instead of petty Necrolytes.
Warriors instead of Fighters.
Rogues instead of Bandits.
Death Knights instead of Zombies.

Dracthyr - by design - strive to reach the Evoker level.

Why would any of them settle for mediocrity? And why would they make the mediocre an option?

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If only the people making up this new dragon lore for DF could just… change/add more new lore to explain things…

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Alternatively, they have a very specific vision and don’t want it diluted.

That being said, there is undeniably a desire for basic boring dragonmen. Therefore, they should get Drakonids playable. People can then be their beefy dragon tank with boobs or whatever they’re after, and Dracthyr don’t need to be contorted.

Sounds like that thing that always turns up in internet arguments!

It’s not ‘contorting’ the Dracthyr to have them capable to picking up more than one discipline. Draconic power isn’t perfect, and it has failed more often than not, especially when run up against mortal might. After all, Dracthyr are modeled with mortals in mind. It would actually be entirely natural for a Dracthyr to look at what mortals do and go ‘huh, maybe there’s something to that’.

Yep, I’m a member of a certain mid-century German political party because I think that dragons should make full use of their biology in combat.

Well if you say so, but I didn’t mention you at all.

Yep, you sure caught me. You win.

Here’s the thing - classes in WoW are incredibly restrictive. Maybe if subclasses were a thing, they could make this work. But WoW just isn’t built like that. The second that a Dracthyr picks up a weapon is the second they forget how to breath fire, cast spells, and fly. That is a lot harder to believe than a dragon neglecting to use weapons in favour of their natural gifts.

Druids seem to manage most of those things just fine.