Dragonflight in 2023 – The Road Ahead

Full support on Drakonid as a playable race.

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More heritage armor! Let’s go! I’m kind of surprised we’re getting humans and orcs next. But I’m not unhappy about it. This whole plan sounds very good. Let’s hope for a great year!

I mean let’s be fair… That roadmap really ain’t that ambitious… It’s mostly just minor patches with minor changes… The next major patch between spring and summer really ain’t much… we talking at least 6 months from launch…A patch they were mostly likely working on months before launch… Blizzard usually good at getting the first major patch out… It’s the ones after it that take forever usually … They also don’t really have us a timeframe for the major patch after that just that it’s sometime after next fall… To blizzard… that can be next winter or two summers from now…

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Give hunters the illusion on the weapons!!

A new zone and raid “ain’t much”?


You guys really can only do 2 races heritage armor for the whole expansion?

Been waiting for Draenei heritage armor for a long time. This just confirms that we won’t be getting anymore then orc+human for this whole expansion.

We still have 10.2.5 and 2.7 so don’t start. If lucky we will have 10.3.

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Haven’t farmed any keys that haven’t gotten from just the normal weekly dailies and mazes out qrathion and Sab is almost 4/6. Rep is fine

Very nice, I love the part with the Gnome Paladins re-take Gnomeregan, making it a new capital city for the Alliance, really cool stuff.
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Expansion’s last 2 years, not 1.

I do hope that the 10.1 changes include major changes to the way the Craft Order system “works”. Some of the Key Issues:

  • Supply exceeds demand - do some root-cause analysis on this, starting with “crafters more keen to use it than average players” and "lack of a tutorial quest, as pointed out in Beta, - current ones are bitty, fractured and not part of the main quest line like Dragon Riding, so players miss them or don’t read the text
  • No in-game method to locate crafters of X for personal orders. You can (just about) do it for Guild Orders, if you know there’s a Drop-down on the Roster tab of the Guild & Communities frame for “Professions” (under “Achievements”, top right). Trade chat is a wall of text as a result.
  • Public is OK for entry gear, but there’s so many crafts done levelling the profession, that it’s cheaper to buy from the AH than the complicated CO.
  • There’s no repeatable order type stuff for Public Orders as a result. You’ll get your Draconic Treatise etc from personal or guild orders.
  • Small servers suffer from lack of orders to level the craft. If you’re not in a raiding guild it’s almost impossible to get past L50-60.

Devs: feel free to contact me in-game (I play on EU) if you want more detailed feed back!

Excited with the coming content. But can we have BFA flying without PF ?


Hopefully we don’t see 10.3 and instead they do 11.0… Keep it short and sweet…

Every time we get a .3 patch it just lags on and on, and people start wondering WHY are they waiting…

I encourage you to voice your support here:


You do realize that we’d still be waiting the same amount of time for the expansion, right? Just without the additional patch to tide us over? The expansion team and live teams are different. Giving the live team less to do isn’t necessarily going to mean that the expansion team is able to work more quickly.

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Cross faction and cross server guilds, both mentioned by Ion as things they’re working on, seem to be missing from this roadmap. Are they off the table now?

I highly doubt that. We already received a “when, not if” confirmation it was coming. Why would they relitigate that?

zug zug armor :o

Because features being presented as under active development simply being dropped without word, and questions about them being met with “We didn’t promise you anything”, is how Blizzard does things.

That just seems utterly paranoid to me, in this particular case.