Dragonflight in 2023 – The Road Ahead

How about some love for Mac users. Particularly with graphic performance.

Rmember when content releases had new dungeons?

… we are getting a new dungeon.

Thanks Holly - You have a great staff filled with talented and creative minds that put their passion and heart into their work and really made something great here. Congratulations to the entire project team and everyone that made such a great experience come to life. For Azeroth!

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This road is going downhill…
Stop neglecting pvp content!
Give us new PvP Battlegrounds please!


Looks like those features they “lied” about (e.g. poor/common quality items being moggable) weren’t lies after all.


I have been trying to keep an open mind on DF (not getting super hyped or trashing it outright). No real issues so far and actually enjoying things. I did get over my dragonriding problems and still want my old mounts though. One thing that does seem (indirectly) promising is that Blizzard references Legion as having a good setup overall. I personally agree with this as I find Legion to be better than the much favored WoLK. It is also worth noting that (unless I missed it) Blizz did not reference BfA or SL as good models so there might be some recognition to popular opinion there.

And also just few hair colors for zandalari trolls in a mini-patch is meh, swaping hairstyles,beards and hair colors between races is easy win. U guys can do better, cmon.

The road looks perfect to me

Where’s new BGs or PvP features? We haven’t had a new BG since BFA I thought the team hired PvP map developers.

PvPers getting the shaft as usual


it’s past time to release regular flying blizz quit ignoring your players then everyone might enjoy dragonflight.

Sounds Amazing. But please emphasize on the glyph system and the cosmetics of characters. Those details to the characters we play really make a difference.

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Nothing but wins so far.

Please focus on tuning classes for M+.

M+ Tuning Please… not talking nerfs but buff the underperformers

Your inability to use logic is astounding.

I am absolutely loving the profession changes. I really love the new direction.

I hope they continue to stay relevant throughout the expansion… all of them and new things being made. I don’t want all my work to be for nothing.

Super happy to see a written plan :slight_smile: thank you

Very ambitious road of content look forward to seeing it all play out!

It is nice to see an actual roadmap. I have a few questions/comments:

When is regular flight coming? This is very important to me. It makes no sense to delay it since we can already use dragonriding in the new zones. Some people do have accessibility issues with dragonriding. I tried dragonriding and know how to use it properly, but I don’t enjoy it at all. With the way that dragonriding is enabled from the start, regular flight should be very easy to get as well without any delay.

Please continue to add more customization options for new and existing races. It was great to have new customization options added in SL, but there’s still more work to be done. I still want male void elf facial hair options to be separated into mustaches and beards like the dracthyr male visage form.

When will new class/race combos be released? I was thrilled when I read the interview with Brian Holinka last year where he effectively said that there’s a goal to allow all races to be all classes. I would love to see night elf paladins for one example.


So like when will you guys actually do some class balance and look into the real issue some classes still have? For example Mage has serious issue with Rune of Power and the amount of movement and mechanics in m+. Even worse for arcane which is on a timer to get off the spells while standing by the rune.

I love it.

With how Shadowlands turned out, I would be the first to drag Blizz for bad decisions, and I’m an ages-old fanboy – but this looks good and Dragonflight plays great. Keep it up.