Dragonflight in 2023 – The Road Ahead

In a shocking twist, it turns out that Arthas was secretly a First One, and he never died, and he made the Jailer, and everything that ever happened in WoW was always him all along, and nipple boy was merely a tool of his deception.


A new megadungeon that’s ultimately going to suck, followed by breaking it into pieces anyway to stuff it into the M+ rotation.

And a holiday refresh, meaning more reasons to do repetitive daily quests for some crappy pet or garbage.


I dunno about anyone else, but defeating a boss and getting a … skin … feels REALLY lame.

exactly how do you want Arthas to return? As the Lich King again? Still undead at least? Or as a living person? Would like you to elaborate.

i think you are right…

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As the true Aspect of the Black Dragonflight.

Look, I know it makes no sense. But it’s metal af. And objectively a better story and (somehow) more respectful of the characters and lore than the entirety of Shadowlands.

Fite me.

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There needs to be playable tuskarr in this roadmap

Looking good if you can stick with the release dates. Also, please make WQ refresh daily, so we can grind rep faster and unlock the rest of the story quests faster.

I’m optimistic, sounds good :+1:

The means all the armor you are currently farming for will be useless in a month!

No, lol.
The new raid, zone and season isn’t coming out in a month.
10.0.5 is merely trading post

Still a better story than Shadowlands.

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What do you need a timeline for? There are no mandatory grinds so far. You just log on a few times every week to do your m+ and/or raids and that’s it. Could not be any more simple.

Because what if I want to push hard the first few weeks of a patch and I have PTO to burn/use and no plans otherwise to do something like an IRL vacation? I’d like to be able to know when seasons are going to start and end so I can decide if it makes sense to use any time off or plan to be more or less invested.

Basically I’m never NOT going to be hurt by the information being known/available so having/knowing it will always be preferential to not having/knowing it. But I was the kid too who got the monthly school lunch calendar and picked in advance which days I was packing vs which days I wanted to buy lunch for and I was always the kid who watched himself getting shots because the anticipation and NOT knowing when it was coming was worse than watching it coming.

I live my life with as much scheduled, planned, and accounted for as I can.

I’m assuming that they plan to reintroduce Anduin in 10.0.7, which is why they opted for Human heritage. And Orc is the counterpart to human.

If that’s not why, then I’ll be disappointed it wasn’t Draenei/Troll still.

So flying is coming sooner than expected or not at all in 2023.

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Okay, but I don’t care about future content until you fix current gameplay problems.

I thought the counterpart to human was undead…? What would be their counterpart?

Clearly the orcs are counterpart to the dwarves. Human to undead. Gnomes to the cockroach vendor under the stairs at undercity, etc.

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