Dragonflight Collector’s Edition Codes

yup that is what im saying especially since it will just be converted to bnet balance ontop of that it’s an upfront charge if you want the rewards now and lets be real only reason why people will pre order is for the rewards otherwise really there is no reason to pre order unless buying the CE which will sell out since they only produce so many despite the demand back in the SL which sold out and people still wanted to buy one but had to buy scalped ones if anything since everything was sold out already even on gamestop and other websites


Do you not see how they literally will give back your digital pre purchase in the future or do you just prefer to rant?

They did it with Shadowlands as thats my proof

Too bad digital currency is crap to me. You stop and think maybe there isnt anything worth the money on the gear site?

I’d rather buy the xpac once and get refunded cash so i can buy a tank of fuel.

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Why not? The physical collector’s edition is exclusively sold by you. You can’t set my account to Dragonflight but require the code by a certain time after the release date (like a week)? You charge tax on both purchases and we don’t get any of that added to our balance when the code is activated. I know customer care isn’t something you guys think or care about but doing this again is ridiculous.


It’s my toy and I want it now!!

What? do you think battle.net balance is your bank account? can you convert that balance to cash?, no you can’t, it’s stuck on battle.net, it’s a scam, nothing more to say.

How many 5? This is called propaganda

should we expect the collectors edition box to come on or before the PRE PATCH or are we going to be sitting in limbo waiting for it to show up the day of the expansion going live. prob 8-12 hours later than everyone depending on the mail rounds.


If you want to play at launch, get digital. The chances of the physical arriving before launch is low to non-existent.

im assuming the Dracthyr will be available some time in the pre patch, hence the question. because 50 usd that is likely to sit in limbo for over a year is a bit much when all it does is sit as a place holder.

all of which would be ignorable if it wasn’t for the lack of pay pal option at the check out.

The purchase of the physical collectors edition should contain the option to tie a code to your blizzard account to redeem the digital items. It should be able to be found on your Battle.net Account page in a list of redeemable codes or within past purchases. Now there is no way a customer can have issues related to not receiving/accidentally deleting via email.

EB Games will be stocking the physical CE

That only works if you are ordering the physical version from the Blizz Store.

If you are getting it from a retail store there is no Blizz store purchase

This could be a plausible solution if they removed the code from the boxed item. But until they do that, they wouldn’t be able to send out boxed and digital since the outside of the boxes do not have the code on it to know what account it belongs to.

this is absolutely hilarious.

I run a website that makes a fraction of the income you guys rake in, and I know to provide customers with codes to access digital products ahead of release of the physical product.

it’s not hard.

as far as I know, there is no guest checkout on the blizz online store, so they absolutely know who pre-purchased the physical CE.

yes. in this scenario there would be no way to track it. People who cared about it would have to pre purchase the physical CE from blizz directly.

if, you know, blizz actually put in the very small amount of effort it would take to give those customers a pre-purchase code that granted the digital items.

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That’s reasonably convenient.

You are failing to realize that the CE is a physical item sold through retailers and not just Blizz. If ONLY Blizz sold them, yes, they could easily send out a digital code and boxed sets without codes.

There is no way to send out boxed items that contain codes AND send out digital codes at the same time. You would have to match up what is being shipped with codes that are being sent digitally. All of that would have to be done by hand and you would have to have an identifier on the outside of the box so they could be matched to the purchaser. It would not financially be worth it to hire a crew to do this.

No, I addressed that.

if people want the preorder stuff, they’d have to order directly from blizz.

though there may be trade agreements that muddy that up.

What a fail of a post…OP

Why is there no soundtrack listed in the contents? Are you not including it in this collector’s edition? Seems odd as it would be the first without a soundtrack included. Please at least add a digital code.

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