Dragonflight and more open communication

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Bliz, you set up the CC, you said you’d communicate, be more transparent.

All we’ve gotten is, at best, teasers for less then half of the skill trees, no timeline at all on when alpha or beta might start, or even anything on the profession overhaul and how that will affect not only crafting but also gathering, since they teaser for Shadowlands a few months ago.

You’ve taken pre-orders already, saying it’ll launch by the end of the year but aren’t giving us any info about the current state of things so we don’t assume it’s going to be Shadowlands 2: we don’t care about feedback, boogaloo.

Could we PLEASE get something properly substantial to go on?


I’m sorry the slow rolling out of the new ‘not borrowed power’, borrowed power trees isn’t enough for ya. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m sick and tired of everything being known before an expac is released.

And before you say “JuSt dOnT Go tO wOwHeAd tHeN”, unfortunately it’s not just limited to wowhead. Once dataminers, leakers, patches, PTR etc. land, it spreads through the internet like wildfire and unless you live in a literal bubble, you’ll hear and see spoilers.

No more of that.

No more free testing.

They have the resources for a proper QA department to test their products.

We are the consumers. Time for this whole “LET ME TEST YOUR PRODUCT FOR FREE” to come to an end.


Ya notice how I never said anything about story or anything, merely about the status/progress so we have something to go on for a product they are already selling?

Nope sorry, our Micro-Blizz overlords have deemed the unwashed masses to be unworthy of communicating with, they’re happy to take all our money though…

We know plenty, hence why I preordered.

There’s an entire webpage with information on exactly what you’re getting.

There’s no reason/requirement that they need to divulge the most minute details for a purchase. You have been told what your money is purchasing.

If that’s not enough for you, then that’s a trust problem, not a product presentation problem.

edit: and don’t even get me started on the hour long deep dive…we have PLENTY of info. Thanks.

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I mean, have you seen GD? The less the devs have to deal with the screeching manchildren that comprise this game’s fanbase, the better chance of them actually making a good game instead of giving up and phoning it in.

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Yup…with good reason though.


So we’re supposed to hand over money for an xpac and “trust” that Blizz delivers a good product? Lmao no thanks.

That’s like a car dealership advertising new vehicles and saying “They’ve got 4 wheels, an engine, and seats. You’re not allowed to see the rest until you buy it though”

If I’m paying money for something then I want the details of what I’m getting. It’s not that crazy of a concept.


Imo I want them to do a closed in house beta. Show us little leaks and teasers, but let us go in blind.

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No, not crazy, just crazy entitlement.

We have already been told what our money is getting us and have been shown enough to make a purchasing decision.

Don’t confuse your lack of trust in the brand with bad product demonstration. Not all of us share the same lack of trust.

I trust that they finally get it and have pivoted from their initial design decisions…and everything I have seen thus far, demonstrates that.

So that’s an easy pre-order from me.

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For story content, I’m okay with this.

The problem is they have a habit of constantly turning something that could be fun and enjoyable into a tedious slog, or, when people in testing phases go ‘hey, this isn’t fun/good/enjoyable like this but would be like that’ they completely ignore it until the player base starts to hemorrhage some.

That happened through out b4a and sl so much so that, especially with no actual rough time lines on where they are at with things an a launch date no later than December, it’s…really concerning

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Nah we really haven’t.

You’re entitled to pay money for something that you don’t actually know that much about, despite what you might think but you don’t get to decide that everyone who doesn’t share the same “trust” as you is wrong.

I’m entitled because I want to know exactly what I’m paying for? Makes sense.


Must suck going to the movies huh. You get a few minutes worth of trailer footage then you’re forced to make a decision of whether you spend the $25+ on tickets/concession items…GAH THE AGONY! THE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY!!

No. You make those decisions because you see enough and IF you’re enticed by it, you make the purchasing decision.

YOU are clearly burned out from Blizzards decisions. This does not mean you’re suddenly entitled to see the entire offering that you’re going to eventually pay for and consume. It just means you need to make a decision and arguably, you already have if you haven’t pre-ordered.

There’s plenty of us that have. Because we’re not jaded by the company and some of us even see the proof in the pudding that they’ve pivoted as a studio. There’s enough positive change that’s gone on that warrants some good will.

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Not comparable in the slightest lol. What? I already made a fair comparison earlier that you ignored for obvious reasons.

This may come as a shock to you but the same method of thinking isn’t applicable to everything.

If I’m buying a product like a car for example I’m probably going to approach it a little differently than if I’m buying a sandwich. It doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere though. You seem fine throwing money at something based off of “trust” and I don’t. That’s that.

Those of us who pre-ordered will be sure to enjoy the content for you until you inevitably purchase.

Content? I guess enjoy having an extra mount and a back cosmetic for $60? Lmaoooo

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I made a post in the thread with the numbers of past expac/ptr/etc. launches.

In the WORST case scenario, with the LEAST amount of testing, the 10.0 PTR (not the beta) would have to be up in September. In the best case scenario with the most testing we’ve seen of a pre-patch PTR, the PTR would have to launch next month.

This doesn’t even take into account the beta of it all (though I did in the thread). Assuming the alpha/beta starts sometime in the next 2 weeks - there’s enough time for testing before launch and them choosing a date before 2023. However, the pre-patch is a different story, or if the alpha doesn’t launch in the next couple weeks.

Already thoroughly enjoying it bud.

Thus why there’s so much concern and some comunication of a rough time frame would do wonders for Bliz by helping assuage peoples, quite reasonable, mistrust especially with how they’ve handled things the last few expansions. And with how things turned out with certain other Bliz products.

What baffles me is the people assuming “Hey, could we get something concrete on time frame or some of the mechanical changes you are doing” as people wanting to know 100% everything to do with the story/plot/zones/etc for the full expansion, when that’s not what’s being asked for.

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