Dragonflight Alpha UI Feedback/Wishlist

Hello all! I didn’t see a thread for this so I figured I’d start one.

With the upcoming UI changes for alpha, what are some things you’d like to see implemented?

I’d personally love a config mode for raid frames, and a grid to place UI elements on. I’d also love some macro changes, like fixing the /petdefensive bug.

  • Battle pet breed information currently exposed in the web api to also be exposed in the in-game API.
  • A way to mask models the way we can textures, or a function/model method to mask models to a circular mask at least. (Or an option to show models instead of 2d texture portraits would be even better!)
  • A SetMacroIcon to allow us to set macro icons in combat.
  • GetPathFromFileID(fileID) or an api to search fileIDs by name without hauling in ridiculously huge lookup tables or computationally expensive searches through all items/spells.
  • The ability to summon battle pets in combat in unsecure code (we can no longer target them, so seems no chance of exploit).
  • IsFlyableArea() and [flyable] to work (return false if the player can’t fly) on expansion launch without the biannual campaign to get it fixed.
  • Completely overhauled modern dropdown/menu system with mixins to avoid any possibility of taint.
  • The ability to use nested mixins in XML. (One global mixin table with subtables that XML elements can use for mixins)

edit: Actually, the ability to use a namespace qualifier in XML would cure the need for nested mixins, where something like $namespace would evaluate to the namespace commonly assigned in Lua:

local _,addon = ...
addon.PanelButtonMixin = {}
<Button parentKey="SaveButton" mixin="$namespace.PanelButtonMixin"/>

PVP conditional for the macro API.


A scripts attribute (comma delimited list) in conjunction with the intrinsic attribute that allows “inheriting” scripts not native to the base widget.

<Frame name="MyCoolIntrinsic" mixin="MyIntrinsicMixin" intrinsic="true" scripts="OnValueChanged, ...">
     <!-- Other bits -->
        <OnValueChanged method="OnValueChanged" intrinsicOrder="precall" />>

     <!-- Other bits -->
            -- do stuff
  • Consolidation/Morphing of Cleansing spells so they don’t need to be coded separately for each spec

  • Morphable base spells for hunter pet family abilities so they don’t need to be explicitly coded for each pet family - similar to Command Demon

  • Explanation as to how identifying talents in macros will work with the new system

    • Shorter condition alias for talents, talent is a lot of chars.
  • Placeholder spells for all the new “pick one of” talents so we dont need to code each option separately.

  • Fix the unholy mess they made of reticle macros in 9.2.5


So it’s still early in Alpha and the UI update is still very, very, very rough. Because this was announced as an expansion feature, I would expect that this should be a major overhaul. But I just want to list my BARE MINIMUM expectations:

Increase limit on the number of character-specific macros. In terms of “modernizing” the UI, as was stated as part of the intention of the rework, being capped at 18 macros for specific characters since 2005 seems like a good place to start.

Raid frames should not bug out when someone joins/leaves the raid while in combat. How has this bug been in the game forever when none of the raid frame addons have this problem?

Raid profile switching should be more fluid. Sometimes when the raid frame just doesn’t switch to another profile when it should.

Allow the cast bar to be moved / resized. I would also like to see the remaining time / total cast time number on the bar as well.

Allow the target cast bar to detached from the target frame finally, and give it the same move / scale that the main cast bar would have.

Re-add the interface options that were removed years ago. There’s no reason that I should need an addon to get options that were once available (and that are available in classic), such as the ability to change camera distance and specify exact what messages are shown in the scrolling combat text.

Allowing for more action bars to be on screen (Live has 5: main, bottom right, bottom left, right 1, right 2). Bartender allows for 10 bars, though these are bars shared with stances/forms/stealth so there is less usable bars for a class like druid, but great for a warlock or mage.

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Because they solved it while Blizzard has done nothing? Currently experiencing this whenever someone joins/leaves a group. Clicking a person selects the party member above or below.

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To bring things back to the topic, I’d like to see some sort of user-positionable buff/debuff tracking. We have the ability to adjust the stock buffs, I’d like to be able to add a buff group, whitelist/blacklist specific buffs, and define the unit(s) to check on.

This could largely replace WeakAuras/NeedToKnow/TellMeWhen outside from specific things like MM Hunter 4pc, boss-specific WAs, etc.

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Hello all!

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the new UI features in DF, but on my wishlist is to hide the action bar gryphons, have the option to hide the portrait on our unit frames (alternately, have the option to have a square portrait… the round one adds so much bulk), and have a square minimap, because a round map in the corner really just drives me nuts.

Edit -

Just as an afterthought, in regards to bumping threads being considered spamming… while that is true, and is a forum rule, it’s generally applied to older threads that may have outdated information. 24 days between posts is far from a dead topic, especially in a current alpha/beta phase. And feedback for each topic is better left consolidated in one thread, as opposed to spread between many. It makes gathering feedback on various topics much easier.

This is learned from many years on the CS forum (although this isn’t my regular posting avatar, the forums like to log me out and switch avatars for me, so I just go with it).

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I hope they bring back the ability to change the nameplate view distance.


Bringing over some of the still-relevant issues from the SL version of this thread.

Historical Issues

New Dragonflight Issues

  • Need logic for handling talents with the new DF system
  • Need a condition for identifying if Dragon Flight is active in a zone, maybe set it up as a parameter for the [flyable] condition eg. [flyable] returns true for flight & dragonflight, [flyable:1] returns true for regular flight, [flyable:2] returns true for dragonflight.

Macro API/UI Improvements

  • Additional Character Specific Macro Slots
  • Class Specific Macro Tab - so you can easily reuse macros for a given spec without cluttering up the general area
  • Macro conditions for identifying…
    • when warmode is active
    • when pvp talents are active
    • if a given pvp talent is selected
  • Consolidation/Morphing of Cleansing spells so they don’t need to be coded separately
    • Druid: Remove Corruption and Nature’s Cure
    • Paladin: Cleanse Toxins and Cleanse
    • Priest: Purify Disease and Purify
    • Shaman: Cleanse Spirit and Purify Spirit
  • Morphable base spells for hunter pet family abilities so they don’t need to be explicitly coded for each pet family - similar to Command Demon
    • [petspec:#] for hunters so pet family-specific abilities can be macro’ed more easily without resorting to itemizing each and every pet that I could possibly use in that family.
  • Reticle condition support ([@cursor] [@player]) for items and commands eg. /petmoveto
  • Make /castrandom and /userandom follow the same priority logic as /cast and /use.
    • Currently /cast prioritizes spells and /use prioritizes items while /userandom is simply an alias of /castrandom - Horn of Winter (Spell: 57330) and Horn of Winter (Item:140749) can be used to test
  • /castsequence, /castrandom etc. support for items/spells with commas in their names (eg Yu’lei, Daughter of Jade)

Proposed Aliases for Commonly Used Conditions

  • #showtooltip - #st
    • and/or have #showtooltip be implied for all macros unless explicitly disabled or modified by #show
  • talent - tal
  • @mouseover - @mo

I can see a problem with @mouseover = @mo as it’s entirely possible for that to be confused with targeting a character named “mo” on your own server (assuming capitalization does not matter for names - I’d have to check that). They’d have to block “Mo” as a name both current and retroactively to make that work, I think. They could use “@m_” as special characters like underscores aren’t allowed in names.