Dragon Vigor

Thank you Blizzard for actually taking feedback and applying it in a timely manner. I am usually pretty critical of you guys, so thanks.

We had to listen to people shout across the forums that “Dragon Vigor” was fine and that “people were doing it wrong”.

10% to 400% … clearly not. Lol.

Many people tired to tell them, myself included. You CANNOT be active flying around and still fly lol.

Flying around and if you land 6 times, common sense and FACTUAL LOGIC that you will not have 6 bubbles of vigor left. You could not fly and stop and pick up:

Disturbed dirt (which gives rep)
Expedition Scout Packs
Mining Nodes
Stop to do some pvp / war-mode stuff

Trust me, it doesn’t take long to go and fly and pick up a few disturb dirt, scout packs and herbs and then be out of Vigor.

I have a feeling someone was actually playing their game and sitting on a side of a mountain and said “yep this needs to change” lol.

Thank you Blizzard. Cheers!


I wouldn’t exactly say over a month and a half being “timely”…

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True lol, but it’s progress, least we didn’t get it 1 year from now. Or with the next major patch. Idk. Just giving them a little credit.

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It’s a good change. Should’ve been sooner, but I’ll take it.

LMAO…and yet Ive been farming with it just fine and MIGHT need to sit and let ONE vigor charge maybe ONCE in 2 hours of farming ore?
they can change it, Ive no problem with making it easier for you, but dont pretend that MANY of us werent just fine with it as it was and NOT running out of vigor as some of you have been using the SAME…EXACT…THING, lol

Yeah…you CAN.
heres the fix… ready?

Ive literally posted videos of me zooming around using ONE vigor. lol.

its ok they ‘fixed’ if for you, Im good with that, but lets stop pretending this wasnt a you thing given so many of us were doing just fine.

yeah…you could. lol
if you have TWO vigor you have more than enough to do anything as far as dragon riding goes


wish they’d remove vigor cost from jumping off the ground


yeah, that one change would have fixed any real issues.
Not sure why blizzard makes this hard on themselves all the time.

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Yeah, just because they fixed the vigor didn’t mean it was broken before. People literally don’t know how to dragon fly in this expansion and it shows with all the threads.

People forget that you don’t just straight up land without 2 vigor, you circle around till you get 2 vigor then you land.


This is good news. I can’t wait to go flower picking tonight.

Dont get me wrong…I do have sympathy for those having trouble, but they need to understand that if a large part of the base CAN do this without any problem, it IS their issue, not with the game design.
And thats ok, but lets accept where the real problem is here.

I make sure I have two vigor when I land.
One to take off…one to skyward ascent, nose down and stay charging while heading to the next target.
Sometimes I end up with an extra or four charged vigor, depending.

The other thing they arent likely doing is…IF that next target is in walking distance…dont blow the vigor for it…why would you?
I see them popping off a node flying over to the next when its like 100 feet, lol.
No wonder they cant do it right…they arent managing the resource properly.


I didn’t have a lot of issues with it but will take the change for sure.

I typically base my routes around the slope of terrain and height of node locations (herb and mining). In the plains, this allows me to navigate the entire perimeter before sitting on a cliff to regen vigor. Half the node points allow you to glide off and save energy.

Sounds like this will allow me to bounce around at will!


This is a nice change, sure. It will decrease my flying downtime while picking flowers from 4.0% to 0.1%. And yes…that is my slightly snarky way of saying there really wasn’t that big of a problem before.


If you are doing all that stuff you might continue to have problems since those extras aren’t going to generate a bonus.

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I never bothered doing that and I rarely had problems and I was doing both mining and herbing plus packs and dirt. When I did it was time to take a mini break anyway.


I doubt its the majority, maybe 50/50, maybe people already quit over it hence the change. I’m really, really sick and tired of players being told that just because they’re not as good as other players they’re whining! Good god, get over yourselves.

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has nothing to do with being good.
has to do with YOU NOT listening about how to do it the RIGHT way.

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they will
that recharge difference aint gonna break the bank, lol.
They’ll figure it out soon enough.
As someone else said the real ‘fix’ to the problem is to remove the vigor cost to get off the ground.
90% of the problems probably go away with that change.

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I hope those types quit - if you have such a low tolerance to a tiny restriction I personally don’t want those people playing.

It has nothing to do with being ‘good’. This is a case of impatience.


I’m glad for the change, but I personally didn’t encounter too many situations where it was an issue either, even on my dual gatherers with shovels and all… I won’t sit here and say it was unneeded either. Heavier regen, shorter duration, I’m game

This isn’t as big of a buff as people in this thread is making it out to be. This change will net you 1 extra vigor every 30 seconds, and only if you gather a node exactly as it comes off cooldown. In practise it’s probably going to be 1 vigor ever 40-45 seconds.

Thrill of the Skies restore 6 vigor in 30 seconds, and if people continously run out of vigor in that amount of time, 1 and a half extra vigor every minute isn’t going to help much.

Edit: The above is incorrect. Tested the buff in game and it seems like Blizzard removed the cooldown of the vigor proc.