Dragon riding. Something to cconsider

You move much faster, dive much faster and it’s a mini game.

There’s a very large difference between the two.

And while we don’t know if it will be easier or harder for those of us with disabilities, we’d still like it taken into account.

Not according to Blizzard. They’ve confirmed that there will be no flying outside of dragon riding.

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yeah…kinda what I was hinting at…DR is supposed to be so fast…THATS the reason it’d get used even if we have both.
I love flight simulators. Ive had friends watching me play who nearly vomited from the motion sickness, lmao. So Im all in on the DR…but not at the expense of my flying mount collection.
SL was so stinking bad that I can literally be at peace with not buying a new expansion for expecting the same kind of garbage.
One could say thats not being fair to Ion and crew…but as someone else pointed out…ONE good expansion since the guy took over…Legion. And even it was OBVIOUSLY influenced by his lawyer blood.

The speed that DR is said to have. If its that much faster, i’ll be using it myself a lot…IF…they retract this nonsense of disabling my flying mounts in the content.
Im not playing Ions game with this flight crap anymore. PoisonPill ought to be the mans middle name. “here, you want water walking…now all mounts can WW and we’re 'deevolving the only ones that should have it” (well, that non WWing ship was a mindblower, lol).
Ion poison pills everything and frankly this one is the last straw. Put normal flight in or I will NEVER buy the expansion

Yep! They should just allow both out the gate and let folks be their slow normie fliers if they choose. Granted I want to see how the first patch lays it out before really askin’ for any changes.

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Being able to fly faster does not outweigh the ability to quickly and conveniently fly(swim) up to the ledge grab the chest fly(swim) down.

Hovering over the enemy base camp waiting for the patrol to leave so you can go down kill the boss then swim back up into the air

:heart: And this right here is the root issue with regards to this design team and accessibility: they only consider accessibility with regards to vision and hearing and do not consider the issues those of us with fine-motor-control impairments might face. I’m not that old—will be 40 in the next couple months—but have left-hand issues due to an injury years back.

Stuff like the jumping puzzles in Zereth Mortis were not just impossible to do but quite painful to try repeatedly. Company apologists just stated “Wait until flying,” “Hire a 'lock,” “Switch covenants,” etc: bypass the issue and don’t complain because this is a temporary problem. I said a couple of times in response—generally just to have some community members belittle motor control accessibility issues…—right after the 9.2 release that if we don’t provide feedback about this stuff, they will continue to expand on these types of fine 3D movement puzzles:

And, what have they done with Dragonriding? It certainly sounds like they are doubling down and making the 3D precision-movement puzzles and integral part of travel in Dragonfight.

I like what I’ve heard about the rest of the expansion so far, and I even think the idea of Dragonriding is interesting. However, if Jeremy Feasel’s “You press the spacebar and you do a giant takeoff. And then the whole mini-game is that you’ve got height and speed and you have to try to figure out how to get as far as possible before you land again” statement means that I have to perform some kind of movement gymnastics that result in me having to take prescription pain medication—which I try very much to avoid taking at all—just to simply move about in the zones…well, I simply won’t play.

But, I’m going to give it a shot anyway during the beta and provide feedback on any inaccessibility. I’m hopeful that it’s not an issue for myself and others afflicted with such issues, so I want to see for myself how it works before completely writing it off.

I’m not even advocating to also have normal flying (well, at least off the bat): all I want is for the design team to keep motor-control disabilities in mind and make sure required movement is accessible to all of the playerbase. Optional puzzles? Okay, fine, make them difficult—read, impossbile—for me, but please make required-to-get-to stuff in the open world accessible enough for everyone.

And, please, if you do suffer from accessibility issues, report those in in-game feedback whether in the retail client or during alpha/beta/PTR. I don’t know if it actually does any good, but at least feedback through that might be seen by someone on the team versus random forum posts that probably never get viewed at all.

There is also the Accessibility Updates blue post from a few weeks back that I posted in a day or two ago where I aired some concerns I have about Dragonriding.