Dragon riding. Something to cconsider

The problem for me with dragon riding being exclusively the only form of flight is the mechanics that might be involved. If there are quests that are needed for progression of the game that are locked behind being proficient with dragon riding I could be at a standstill. I am older and suffer from several health issues. I have essential tremors, a condition that causes uncontrolled shaky hands. I have vision problems when the screen changes very quickly. I get lost and experience vertigo, or dizziness. In general my reflexes are so much slower than they used to be it’s hard to react quickly. This is why I don’t do dungeons or raids.

I love World of Warcraft. The game has been there for me through some tough times.
I am always excited when there’s a new expansion on the horizon. I’ve been playing since 2007 so it’s not like I haven’t had to struggle through some issues. It may be the opinion of some of you that people like myself shouldn’t even play a video game. You are entitled to express that of course.

Blizzard always asks us for solutions if we complain so for me a simple fix is to allow regular flight achieved by doing Path Finder or some other means. I think the new dragon riding looks like fun and I will try it, but am doubtful that it will be a good fit for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope that it all works out for players of types regardless of limitations.


I’m sure you could ask for a summon or something, maybe there will be multiseater dragons? That might not be good consolation, but at least you might have some options.

Gliders and your warlock gate should at least still work, even with their limitations.

Thats all we’re saying…have BOTH. Self created (Ion…again) problem literally solved


I’m excited for dragon riding because from what I saw, it reminds me a lot of Guild Wars 2 mount system. If Blizzard does it right, it could be an amazing addition to the game. Guild Wars 2 has the best mount system I have ever saw in a game. I love it personally.

You do bring up a good point though and I agree with your suggestion and post. I hope Blizzard puts something into place so everyone can progress and not be hindered if for some reason dragon riding does become an issue for some.

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My only problem with it is that I can’t be a Dragonmaw Orc while I do it. :frowning:

I do hope Blizz considers that with the game being almost 20 now, a lot of players have aged with the game. And take accessibilty into account.


I’m with you on the limitations coupled with aging. I’m older since the start of this reply so I can’t stop it!! :frowning:

For real though, every month I see and converse with people far worse off than me. I understand the variance of certain illnesses and consider myself lucky. I truly hope that you are not limited in playing this new expansion and get to enjoy the game you love.

You’re right. And some limitations aren’t always age related. Some things can get you at any age. I hope the devs think it through just a bit more.


I don’t see a difference between dragonflight, and regular flight, as far as your abilities go.

I mean, if you can fly using the current system, the new one for the xpac should be manageable. The only difference is they are making the dragon customizable, so a new system that we need to unlock over time.

Honestly, I think regular mounts will be available after a period of time, like with the past few xpacs. Give it a year and a bit, and we’ll have to jump through hoops like we’ve done before.

You know even outside of the proposed issue I do like the idea of multiseater dragon.

Hopefully it’s just extras like chests and what not that are what’s only accessible by dragon flight and that flight paths will get you to required areas at a bare minimum.

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I think the way they proposed dragon flight it will be a little more interactive.

Like most likely will need to use abilities that propell you forward and angle while gliding/flying.

Oh, then that does sound annoying. Or, at least more involved.

And they would probably require using those abilities to get through quest objectives.

You are supposed to unlock abilities with your dragon flying that’s not just customization. You will be unlocking things that can help you fly higher, dive bomb, etc. It’s not going to be the same as regular flying. It’s meant to be more immersive and involved.

As a Guild Wars 2 player, if Blizzard is taking a note from that game, which it really, really looks like, the movement of the mounts is very different than just normal flying or riding. It’s an adjustment and can be a bit difficult to control. Time will tell how Blizzard does it and I honestly don’t expect dragon flying to be as good as GW2’s mount system, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

But if this system is similar to GW2, it’s not like normal flying here at all. And from what I saw and heard on all the streams, this definitely feels like what they have taken from GW2.

It was actually a created problem when they introduced swimming in the sky in Burning Crusade. Due to probably some kind of programming design for their older version of the game, they weren’t able to introduce certain physical mechanics for flying.

If they were to allow both, the Dragon Riding system would never be used.

Ok. I missed a fair chunk of the stream, as I had family to attend to.

I’m ok with a more GW2-style of mount. I really liked what I experienced on my last re-visit, in particular the Jackal.

But I understand now what the OP was concerned about, if this is the case. If they tie quest progress to using mount abilities to reach places/items, it could alienate people who are challenged by that degree of involvement.

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nonsense. give the DR some advantage normal flight doesnt have.
jesus…this isnt rocket science here

That’s something I never considered.

If they really are going with the “only flying in Dragonflight is dragon riding”, I hope they reconsider.

From the teaser, DR looks like it’ll have a lot more speed and maneuverability. Which I’m fine with. If folks want to gimp themselves they are free to do so.

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What advantages do you suggest that out weighs hovering.