Enhance Your Gameplay: More Accessibility Updates Available

Even keybinds have diminishing returns. Most classes/specs don’t need literally every spell in their book keybound… as long as core abilities and interrupts are bound you’re mostly good.

Never mind the voice for it is basic not some thign fancey wow like =/ it damn shame i Know what voice the iftEhaTtS Voice I would be happy use it for mostly stuff

Sir…please relax, I’ve contacted medical support and they’ll be there shortly.

Loving this increased cursor size thing. The best thing I never wanted but am now glad I have.

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Pretty sweet! Automatic Mouseover casts finally :innocent::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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More accessibility options are certainly appreciated; I just wish whoever focuses on accessibility would try to make sure the design team takes fine-motor-control accessibility issues into account the next time they add platforming-style content like the ZM jumping puzzles, World quests like Up and Away, Jumping Jellies, Like the Wind, etc.

I’m not saying that those types of puzzle design shouldn’t exist at all, but some accessibility design sensibilities applied to said 3d movement workouts would go such a long way towards said content not feeling like the devs don’t care about the experience of those with hand, wrist, finger pain/injuries/nerve-damage/apaxia/etc. We know accessibility is on the minds of at least some of the team, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen more accessibility features added over the years. However, many of the 3d-puzzle elements that have been added to the game—though, these additions are admittedly few and far between—represent the complete antithesis of accessible design.

I’ll quote myself about examples of just a few things that the quest/zone designers could do to improve accessibility for these by landslide:

They don’t need to completely remove this stuff just tone down the 3d platforming design into something manageable for all classes or at least make landing areas obvious by using flat surfaces, make jump arcs consistent somehow when near these puzzles, or at least make the camera fixed when doing these with nothing clipping into the camera view.

As a player base, we can make statements like “skip the Zereth Mortis jumping puzzles until flying is availabe”, which I did on most characters, and similar statements about just skipping the other 3d platforming stuff, but that doesn’t change the fact that the design team keeps adding more of these and they are less accessible in each new iteration. Just be aware of how these affect some of us: these things can be truly physically painful for some of us.

These 3D platforming segments (focus on the Z-axis part, since stuff like “Flight School: Flapping Frenzy” that are presented in 2D movement can be finished—at least by myself—using my better hand) are pretty well the only things in the game that make me consider straight-up quitting because they quite truly painful. I know…just skip them…but it’s just so frustrating that they even exist in the particular way that they do when a few alterations would make such a difference…

I really do appreciate the improvements that have been made to accessibility, and in about 2-3 weeks when I have the chance to physically be there, I actually plan on seeing if the text-to-speech is at a point where a friend of 30+ years who 100% lost his eyesight about a decade ago can play. He played WoW in the past before he lost his eyes, and he still mentions it at times (I and a couple friends play Diablo 3 on console with him because it’s one of the most blind-accessible games that is not a fighting game…it’s also too bad Diablo II Resurrected didn’t have that kind of accessibility). So, I’m glad accessibility progress is happening, but you need to keep moving forward and consider what other physical adversities that your players may be facing.


The less third party addons the better imho. I wonder, if this will carry over to wow classic, and TBC classic also.

Seriously, who asked for a cursor that’s 128x128 LMAO. IT’S SO DAMN BIG.

64x64 seems acceptable for those on smaller screens.

People with eyesight problems will highly benefit from a large cursor.

You do know that Blizzard answered this question already right?

We did.

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I would love nothing more than for Blizz to dedicate a couple of their UI people to integrating “essential” addons into the base UI until eventually the concept of an “essential” third party addon goes extinct and the addons are only used for fluffy player preference things.


have you gotten the item from Ve’nari that lets you bypass a lot of the chains/heights? they put that in awhile back:

Only if I change up my Shadowed Unit Frames. My healbot is little transparent squares in the right hand area of my screen.

Can you guys stop using telegraphs that are the same colour as the floor next?

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Monitors have gotten bigger and bigger. Resolutions have gone higher and higher but still no increased text size options.

yes I have that - but I would need them to allow me to bypass entire wings.

I don’t find it under Interface → combat.

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“Curb cuts” ppl curb cuts. (Google it 'curb cuts + accessibility) When I see mention of “Accessibility Updates/Options” I think of those players who have some limiting/disability hinders some areas of playability. By upgrading the ability to resize your cursor may seem trivial to you, someone with limited sight or ‘blind spots’ due to an injury or eye degeneration is a game changer.
Kudos to Blizzard (now MSoft) for adding more accessibility features to the game - aimed at making it playable by more ppl. #InclusiveDesign

As someone who has written a couple of addons, I can shine some light on this.

The reason they haven’t implemented something like this is probably due to the rather amateur/slapdash nature in which many addons are built. While they could probably make a text size feature work in the stock UI, many addons would ignore it since they have hardcoded text sizes instead of using “standard” text styles provided by the UI. Additionally, WoW UI doesn’t have any kind of constraint system (e.g. “this window needs to be at least wide enough to show X line of text without truncation”), meaning that even if addon authors used stock text styles the frames that contain the text wouldn’t grow accommodate the increased text size, causing text clipping issues.

In short they’d basically need to reboot a good chunk of the current UI system to be a lot more robust (something more like the UI toolkits on mobile operating systems) and forcibly break old non-complying addons so their authors have no choice but to rewrite their addon UIs. This however would come with the risk of many authors not playing ball and abandoning their addons, which would anger players (some of which are very attached to their addon setup a nearly-religious degree).

It’s kind of like if Microsoft wiped the slate clean on Windows’ UI support in favor of something new, breaking old programs. Some devs would come along for the ride, but many wouldn’t, which means a lot of users would stay on old versions of Windows or switch platforms entirely and put Windows’ dominance at risk.

/console cursorsizepreferred X

Replace X with -1, 0, 1, or 2
Basically their replacing this console command with a UI interface.