Draenei Heritage Quest

Spinning up a topic to discuss the Heritage quest. Doing it now, so will update after with my thoughts. :slight_smile:

Godspeed, fellow waggles!

Edit: Linking to my comment/feedback below!

TLDR: 10/10 - Best heritage quest to date.


Did you find the Magically-Sealed Parcel? Searching Stormwind and see nothing

Here;s to hoping it’s any good. I still have to get in game and start it, but I’ll definetly be keeping an eye on this thread :dracthyr_nod:


I just did it.

It is amazing and long. It really talks about draenei heritage and does hint at world revamp events.

Im glad i did the draenei starting zone completely beforehand recently, it made things better.


Embassy, close to mail box

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People with large Twitter accounts get to hog all the glory of spoiling! I’ve already seen a lot of the questline from one. You’ll get no reach posting questlines unless you’re one of those large ones. For shame.

So yes the Man’ari are involved, and there were demons in Bloodmyst the whole time.

Another small spoiler.

Akama appears in the questline, confirming he is indeed alive, since his condition was kinda unclear after the demon hunter legion campaign


A friend of mine found half-orc, half-draenei, living among the Draenei.



Thankfully the datamined fleet of Legion ships wasn’t canon. Nice touch they finally fully settle on Azeroth.

I do love how Arzaal was involved because now I can say my own Man’ari earned his armor by helping to bring back and celebrate a ancient eredar tradition

Plus the bit in BC bought back some fond memories from when I rolled my very first draenei :dracthyr_nod:


MU Rangari and reintroducing Naielle make me happy. Hopefully she gets more to do in the future.


So the man’ari that rejoin the draenei are called penitents.

Is funny how it is supposed to be a small group so far, but we know how many people are rolling man’ari nowadays.

I was hoping to see one paladin man’ari, there seems to be one in paladin armor alongside other draenei paladin, but no dialogue to confirm.

It also seems like bloodmyst Isle is fully cleansed now?


Beneath the Skin is a poorly padded out quest =/

Making us get the bones and theyre not 100 or maybe even 50% is pretty awful imo. Half the enemies I tagged had NO Loot at all. No reason this should take longer than 5min

Up until this everything was going fine. Getting here and getting irritated by that kind of puts a sour spin on things.

Also, Blizz should make npc quest givers for this non-mountable spots. It’s so ‘fun’ to see 10 people on dragons sitting on top of the npcs


I thought it was a nice touch and I like the fact that Azraal is the one keeping an eye on them and Hatuun is back! Yay!

Loved the fanservice barrage at the end. This is probably a top three heritage chain for me, decently evergreen. My biggest criticism is that Dornaa is somehow still a teenybopper while her counterpart Salandria is a trainee Blood Knight off on interplanar adventures.


Just completed it. 9/10. Screw it. 10 out of 10. Probably one of the better, if not the best, heritage quest out there. There is clearly an enclave of Draenei lovers on the dev team.

Honestly, it was so much better than the Troll one, it’s not even close. It has so many small details. It acknowledges whether or not you have Man’ari customizations at some points. WoW needs more of this attention to small details.


They build her up as Liadrin replacement because god forbid the blood elves having anything nice.

I will say this heritage questline is easily the best one they did so far for the alliance. Talk about a love letter to draenei fans. I really really enjoyed it.

(Only the bone collecting quest was a extremely minor hinderance, but thats small potatoes)


Lore accurate tbc loot.


Okay, I have a lot of takeaways, as expected. All of them are good, because this Heritage was (to me) probably the best one that’s ever been. All of it, incredible.

Will block out any spoilers below, since I’ll be talking about it in-depth.

My thoughts
  • I loved the introductory with Romuul, it was very cool to see some emphasis on Draenei magitech and the importance of artificers in their culture right from the jump.
  • High Artificer Ataanya is an instant favourite, sassy and curt. I hope we see more from her, she’s incredible.
  • I liked her apprentice Beruun, as well. It was cool to see ‘young adult’ Draenei depicted.
  • Re-visiting Auchindoun was a DREAM. To see it being rebuilt and reinvigorated to it’s original purpose was amazing. Soulpriests are some of my favourite lore, being a part of their rites was such an awesome worldbuilding experience.
  • It was also amazing to see the revival of vigilants with a new purpose of assisting the Auchenai in their duties. This is a great part of Argus lore that I hoped would carry over.
  • It was cool to see Arzaal representing the Man’ari and I thought his extra dialogue was interesting in highlighting that there are VERY few Man’ari actually on Azeroth and most of their penitence is being served on Argus.
  • I always love to see Hatuun, his dialogue exchanges with Velen make their relationship very interesting and complicated. I also love that there was some dialogue regarding Hatuun’s thoughts on Outland Broken.
  • Despite the frustration with the gathering quest due to high population and low drop rates, I did really love re-visiting Bloodmyst. It was a major nostalgia bomb for me since I started playing WoW when BC was current.
  • Sironas was a really cool call-back! (I kinda wish they had used her old model for nostalgia but I know it probably looks a bit janky now!)
  • The Tishamaat was a super interesting concept and a really cool way to explore long beloved Draenei characters.
  • Speaking of which, there were A LOT of ‘deep cuts’, characters like Maladaar, Dornaa, Akama… the list goes on!
  • I noticed Velen freely using ‘Eredar’ to refer to the group present (Man’ari, Broken, Draenei) which was refreshing. It really seems like they’re moving toward reuniting under that overarching racial title.
  • The new city! I wonder when that will show up. I’m hoping this will be something akin to Dalaran, like a floating city. Ahhh!

Overall, 10/10, it was long and encompassed SO much of what I love about Draenei and their lore. Lots of worldbuilding, incredible storyline with hope for future development.

Small critique is that I wish there was a bit more ‘Shaman’ lore, but there wasn’t a lot of focus on the Light either which I was pleased about since that has been explored in-depth ad nauseum for the Draenei.

I will 100% be doing this again on a Man’ari toon. It was all I could hope for!