Dracthyr RP discussion thread

Thread for Dracthyr RP discussion.
Will you RP a Dracthyr, if so how are you looking to RP your Dracthyr?

How will your non-Dracthyr character react to the Dracthyr?

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Zanbor will have no strong feelings one way or the other. Unlike some Kirin Tor magi he holds no ill will towards dragonkind. I plan on making one just to see the race/class but I am not sure if I will RP it. Given there seems to be some Kirin Tor involvement in this expansion maybe that will spur some interest. Who knows?


I will totally rp a dracthyr. I like how they look, though they do need…slightly larger heads…their proportions are weird right now, but hopefully that’ll be fixed.

I just like dragons though.


I will probably indulge my curiosity to some extent, but that extent depends upon things yet to be seen.

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I’ll probably roll one just to check them out at some point. Depending on how the story portrays them I think it would be amusing to RP one who is very outgoing and utterly clueless about anything that falls outside his isolated experience.

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I have tentative plans to roleplay one, though a lot will depend on what things will look like for them lore/concept wise. For now I am just looking forward to be learning more about them - I really wish I knew their naming conventions; whether that is similar to actual dragons or if they have their own culture around names.

Hey! That’s my plan. But replace utterly clueless with aggressively inquisitive. I love knowledge seekers.


I love the mage class too much to play a Dracthyr right now. Maybe when they get more class options opened up. Rather hoping Blizzard walks back that stupid decision to launch them with JUST Evoker.

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On the naming convention side of things, we might finally have a bit of an answer!

Slight spoilers if you want to avoid reading names! I was actively reading a few things posted by Alpha players to help me prepare my own Dracthyr concept idea. Seems some do follow the naming convention, but it is not as heavily followed as it is by the dragons proper.

For instance, the leaders of the Horde and Alliance factions are Cindrethresh and Azurathel respectively, rather than ending in -strasza or -gos. But, there are also some who do follow the naming conventions. Like one of the community council members shared these named Dracthyr from the Azure Strand, saying that the ones that ended in -gos were indeed Azure Dracthyr; as were the ones ending in just -os. Kruthix, Iristimat, Iristella, Althanus, Argalos, Vernagos, Saphos, Cynegos, and Portos. Some other named Dracthyr people mentioned, that I read, were Emberthal, Viridia, Sarkareth, Devishian, and Kedothi.

So, it seems as if we can do the naming conventions if we want and still have it fit, as well as we can edit the conventions slightly or even outright do something different.


Oh this is awesome! Thank you so much for posting. I will share it with a friend who is as wondering about it also :slight_smile:

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No worries at all! And we might be able to learn more history soon! Just saw a post talking about phase two of alpha starting today, and the zone priority test being the Forbidden Reach already!

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I am super excited and as much as I hope they don’t rush things so that we get a solid expansion, I also can’t wait to learn more about it all - and of course being able to roll up a Dracthyr of my own :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oh sweet so if you can totally just use normal dragon names, I’m definitely using ‘Livigosa’. Really slides right off the tongue. I like it.


I too hope we get to play the scalies as something else besides evokers, eventually. Even if it’s just rogue, warrior, and hunter.


At least it seems like they’re considering it down the line! Hopefully mage, too!

Is totally not wanting to make his Dracthyr an Evoker and a mage once they eventually allow you more than one per realm!


You have no idea how excited I am for Dracthyr. I think they look awesome. Preservation seems so fun and engaging and I’m trying to maintain a delicate balance between getting as many scraps of their lore as I can while avoiding some spoilers so it feels at least a bit novel at launch. I’ve already got a name reserved and visage mog planned out, already got all the pieces I need for it, and once WoWhead finally updates their dressing room tool for them I’ll have a dragon form look ready.

I’ve been thinking about starting to write my TRP already, actually. (Spoilers ahead)

Dracthyr Starting Zone Spoilers

We have the basic information that they were in stasis pretty much this whole time, and that they have these different divisions or “Weryns” mainly for different fighting types and then healing. I know Blizzard had already established the “entire island was dormant” thing, but I was still hoping the Dracthyr had been active as I wanted mine to have a certain backstory bit where she lit flames of remembrance on the day the dragons left, one brazier for each Aspect, and maintained them for all that time since. And I also would have written a short story where she finds out about Neltharion/Deathwing’s shenanigans and, at the end, extinguishes his flame. But I will make do with what we have - maybe I’ll just write a monologue from her after she finds out about that. Maybe throw in something about Malygos and Ysera too, as I plan for her to be blue/green flight oriented IC.

Okay, done rambling. For now.


Not much, but on the side of other classes, looks like they might have started planting the seeds for it! Five edicts were found, according to WoWhead! One of which talks about the class!

Edict: Evoker

Every dracthyr is an expert soldier. Whatever weyrn they serve, they use their talents to defend dragonkind in obedience to the Earth-Warder.

Yet even among such illustrious ranks, there are a select few who transcend the skills of their kin. Who are able to master the specialties of all weyrns and shift between roles at will.

These are the evokers. The best of the best, finest of the finest.

These elite forces possess the rare potential to focus their essences into an instrument of preservation or a weapon of devastation.

The journey to such mastery is long, and few dracthyr can see this path through. But those who learn to harness their full potential shall be honored with the title of evoker.

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I’m so ready for Dracthyr and keep checking for potential pre-patch release info :slight_smile: :dragon:


The Dracthyr starting zone, to me does open up more possibilities for them RP wise while staying in the confines of lore. At least from my perspective.

Dracthyr starting zone and somewhat Valdrakken spoilers

Throughout the zone, they’re shown to act more along the lines of mortals than actual dragons. Some of the Dracthyr even feel like the aspects threw them away like a broken toy, and thus abandon their duties and most likely openly rebel against the dragons.

I could see it very viable for other Dracthyr to feel the same way while not openly rebelling or being villainous in a way.
Due to that, I could also viably see a Dracthyr leaving their wyern and joining one of the mortal factions/guilds.

As we’ve seen from the capital city and datamining, there are even some Dracthyr that’re doing more ‘civilian’ esque jobs on the Dragon Isles, like being an assistant librarian type or being the person that takes the work orders for professions.

Side note: There’s also an NPC on the starting zone that states he wants to specialize in diplomacy.
If there’s a prominent Dracthyr guild/community I could see there being some diplomats within there that could interact with the other guilds on the server from a diplomatic standpoint.

I’ve seen this point floating around discords/communities, but TLDR:
As of now, Dracthyr are set up in a way to offer a lot more freedom for characters than the other hero classes if we’re strictly following lore.


Nili will probably get tired of what is likely to be their predominant “Am baby, what is this dinglehopper?” vibe pretty quick. She somehow knows so many dragons. So many. So her urge to just deadpan shake them out of exasperation is going to peak very quickly :laughing:

My other character who has been a Secret Black Dragon All Along (Munsters-like vamp)…

Is going to feel PRETTY justified in staying hidden, from the way that the people in Stormwind react to Dracthyr characters in the alpha. It’s going to be a HUGE I-told-you-so moment for them, a gigantic “THIS IS WHY I’M SO PARANOID.”

They are pretty much going to treat the Dracthyr with derision and disdain because they’re not “real” dragons, they’re artificial constructs. Which is…more or less how they treat everyone of every race, because they’re not dragons at all. And also other “normal” dragons, because they’re not of the Black Flight. And how they treat other dragons in the Black Flight, because they’re competition of some kind…somehow.

Look, although there are definitely outliers, Black Dragons tend to be egotistical, paranoid and have a superiority complex as big as the day is long, and that character leans into it so hard they’re like Smooth Criminal-ing all over the place. If one of them actually takes the time to get to know that character through the thick layer them of being a total jerk my character would probably discover that they have a lot to relate to them over, and their non-Draconic spouse who has always been high-key paranoid that my character will flit off with another dragon at some point is probably going to be IMPOSSIBLY territorial for a while.

But overall, their vibe is likely going to be: