Dracthyr Evoker wishlist

My main one is for them to wear a full set of armor and be able to transmog. We don’t need a repeat of the limited transmog of mechagnomes. Let the visage form get the bargain bin barber shop armor, dragon form should get all the bells and whistles instead.

Also, let us mount up in dragon form. In fact, just get rid of visage form all together. It’s pointless and just gives them an excuse to limit options on dragon form.


This stuff right here, this is why people get all bent out of shape when an expansion drops. Over hyped expectation from personal wish lists that will never be granted.

It wasn’t when I originally made my post almost a month ago.

I think they’re just having fun with it, I don’t really see any hardcore expectations here. No need to be a debby downer.


the more i think about it the more i think i’m gonna wait a while before even trying that new class.

i’m not sure about that press&hold ability-style and there’s probably gonna be way too many of them at first :stuck_out_tongue: they’re also probably going to be overpowered as the new hero class and then were gonna have 2 years worth of #nerf Dracthyr threads poppin up non-stop and ruining the class’ reputation. memes will be abundant.

i might just stick to a good old rogue and wait for the dust to settle lol

too much drama around new hero classes usually.

I want full mogs on the dragon form, even if it has crazy clipping with the wings. I don’t care. Give me full mogs on the dragon form. If Worgen, Trolls, Tauren, and Draenei can wear full mogs, the Drakthyr can too. I don’t want to hear it. The base Drakthyr model would look SO MUCH better if it could wear armor and not be naked all the time. It looks terrible. I don’t care if capes clip through the wings. My Dwarf’s beard clips though my helmet. It does not bother me, because the helmet still looks good on my mog.

Give Drakthyr full customization through mogs or I won’t play one.


If I remember right, it appeared to be demonstrated in the initial video. Though it was brief.

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Yeah blizzard seems opposed to giving players what they want. :confused:

Rest assured that I do not expect blizzard to actually release a “chromatic color changing skin” or most of the silly ideas I posted, this is mostly for fun and ofc, the super unlikely chance that some random dev stumbles on the thread and gets inspired by something :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree that getting bent out of shape for not getting exactly what you wanted (Ex, other visage races) is is kind of silly.

I do NOT agree that expecting the race to display its mogs or ride its mounts without using a costume is an Over hyped expectation, however.

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I concur.

Other visage forms would be nice. I just hope they have purple/blue skin to go for a night elf-ish look to their visage form because lore wise more dragons used night elf forms until recently when humans and other elves became more prominent. And if Dracthyr have been locked away for thousands of years or even isolated the only form they should know is night elven. I don’t mind the pink, tan, and brown human tones too but def give them night elven tones.

The dreams of being a chromie kinnie will never life because I can’t have a gnome visage but that’s just something I’ll have to accept.

I’d ask for more mog options but mail is tough to look good in, especially if you’re oddly shaped.

My wishlist is make male dracthyr buffer with muscles, and give the female some form of boobs to acknowledge they are females due to being hybdrid humanoid dragons rather then full fledge dragons.