Dracthyr Evoker wishlist

Hey guys, figured that I would make a thread for those of us that are excited for the Drachtyr Evokers to list ideas we have that could possibly be implemented at this stage in development. The idea being to lean on positivity and constructive feedback, of course!

I won’t bother discussing the armor display and usability of visage issues, as we have already plastered a bunch of threads with those.

So here are some random things that come to mind:

  • Let us upgrade our “dragon riding” along with our mount’s. Have it revert back to the base version when outside of the dragon isles or other places where it will be disabled. I just feel like it’d be such a cool thing to have, particularly if Ion was not joking and us dragon lovers will be force transformed into humans when riding other mounts.

  • Have a “chromatic skin” option that rotates between different colors every minute or so, similarly to the fey dragon mount on the store. This could lock you into the skin you’re at upon entering combat to diminish the visual distractions.

  • Give the visage forms the same dance as the Dracthyr and not the macarena/the belf dance.

  • I want an emote where I do a flying flip on the air similar to the parrot mount special.

  • Obviously we won’t be able to show back gear because it’d clip like crazy with the wings, but it’d be cool if we could show some of the floaty ones like the sinstone and the bastion ones further behind or above the wings.

What are your not make or break ideas for this exciting new raceclass? :slight_smile:


They should have slowfall/glide in Dracthyr form.


they have basic dragonflight. I wish they could learn better dragonflight.

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Chest and leg gear visibility please. I wanna still tmog my dragon form. Just as an option though, so their barbershop options can still be used


100% agree. I don’t want to ride a mount because I don’t want to be forced into the visage form.

They should also open the flying system up to the whole game. Why is it limited specifically to the dragon isles?

That would be awesome! I can see a lot of folks using that.

End it with a “ta-da” pose and that would be the best thing ever.

As for my list?

More visibility of gear (sorry, I know you said you didn’t want to discuss it but that’s a big one.)
A tank spec/class. I prefer tanking massively and would like to be able to play that way. Besides, more classes means I can make more of the lovable buggers.
More Jewelry! I want horn jewelry. It would be great.


Oh gods, I didn’t consider this. Male Belf used to by my main, and that dance is one of the things I certainly DO NOT miss. I won’t be spending much time in Visage form, mind you, but I still don’t really want it back at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to be able to upgrade dragon riding using my actual wings. I would also love to be able to fly as a mount skill in the normal parts of Azeroth. Give it a cast time like Worgan mount form if they want, but lemme fly instead of use a mount pretty please. Even if I have to recast it every time I gather a herb so as to not step on Druid toes.

The “chromatic skin” isn’t my thing, but if it’s an option you can choose then I’m all for more choice.

I don’t have an opinion on back gear. Long as I can personally hide it and still run around in just my scales, I don’t care what others wear. Might be difficult on a lot of em though, but it would be great for those that want that option.

Flying emote. Yes please. Istaria has those. I love them. :slight_smile:


Speaking of flight form, while not exactly related, it would also increase our chances…

While you give evoker upgradable flight, please do so as well for druids and demon hunters (and give demon hunters the glide++), it’s just not cool for us to swipe in and steal their shine, and the solution is not to make us lamer lol

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Different styles of teeth would be kinda cool


Dracthyr won’t have upgradable flight. just the basic version. I hope that changes. I agree about the druids. Not sure how I feel about demon hunters. They aren’t capable of flight

id like to see more instant cast type attacks, in a similar vain as hunter. i love playing ranged by I dont find cast bar gameplay to be fun.

Oh I know, upgradable flight was in my wishlist above lol
Good point about DH, but I do feel like they should at least get the baseline flight like we do, since it’s just the glide they have now, but cooler


  • Access to more classes. Even if not initially, then at least later in the expansion or 11.0
  • Transmog access for chest, legs, and helms. Even if it’s just for 10.0 and later items. I want to see my Evoker in their tier sets.
  • Raspy, gravelly voices.
  • The choice to appear as a core race in visage form, based on which faction you choose. Basically, I think visage form should be chosen after joining a faction.
  • Breath weapon racial that changes depending on what color you selected for your Dracthyr.
  • The Lusty Argonian Maid reference in either joke or flirt.

Everything you said but definitely that last one!!

“No, I won’t dress up like a maid.” – something simple and tame.

They could also reference the sultry argonian bard.

It would be a 10/10 reference regardless.


Won’t forgive blizz if there’s no argonian maid reference

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Give Evokers a tank spec that centers around the Black Dragonflight. Please! The world (of warcraft) needs more tanks!


Give them a tank spec or give them more classes, its unfair a race only having 1 class with 2 specs is a think when DHs have 2 specs but their races have multiple classes and roles to play with instead.
Want a draconic tank for buggers sake


The tank issue is more “People dont wanna help teach people to tank” than tank options.

A new tank would be pointless if the community doesn’t change

Open up the visages to appear as any/all races on both factions.

Make a heftier version of the dracthyr. That’s about it.

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This is a good idea but when I 1st read your suggestion, I immediately had a visual of a buck toothed dracthyr. :joy:

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Combine it with the shrek dragon meme and you got yourself her son!

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