Dracthyr Evoker wishlist

Allow visages to be able to be maintained in combat.


I want some of the Devastation skill trees to have “melee” actions, or some sort of passive that turns a casted skill into a melee hit. Not transform all of it into melee, but let us have some sort of hack and slash. They have perfectly good claws, after all.

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Something similar to FFXIV red mages could be cool! Build up resource to be able to charge into melee, do a quick powerful melee “rotation” that uses said resource and backflip back into range.

Things I would like to see for Dracthyr would be:

  • Proper flight - like the Worgen racial to run on all fours, Id love to see the Dracthyr able to fly without a mount. (Open this up to Demon hunters too imo. Also leaves room for Kyrian to have an ascended form of flight if they’re ever introduced as well.)

  • Bulkier forms. Yes, I know they said there’s more options, but I’m still going to say it until I see what the other options look like. Lol.

  • Visage combat.

  • More visage forms, and the ability to hide the scales. If there’s anything I really dislike about the current visage look atm, it’s the scales. They look extremely awkward imo and it lowkey turns me off the race.

I’m hoping Blizzard surprises me because I reckon role-playing an azure or green dragon would be pretty dope. Lmao.

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Main things I hope end up being ingame:

  • Options for more races in visage form
  • Options for no face scales/smaller eyes in visage form (the designs shown look too cluttered and awkward)
  • Racial mount either themselves or a dragon (like a druid flight form or sandstone drake)
  • More body shapes so people who like thinner or bulkier dragons can both be happy
  • Honestly more body shapes for all races would be a godsend but this is a Dracthyr discussion so ill stop here haha

If they stay as shown in the reveal I’d just never use visage form honestly, the gaudy clutter aesthetic really isn’t my cup of tea.

Good news! They said in an interview that’s posted on WoWhead that Dracthyr may get more classes. :partying_face:


I really hope that they decide themselves soon. I refuse to not have a Dracthyr tanking my dungeon runs in the future.

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That oddly would be cute lol. But yeah I meant like “okay do you want more needle like chompers? something a bit more great white shark? Maybe something more like a t rex?”

Maybe green dracthyr prefer flat plant eating teeth. Okay I know they don’t cuz Ysera even dreamed in Ardenweald of eating animals.


I’ll definitely be tanking on one if it’s a possibility so maybe we’ll bump into one-another.


They need a 3rd spec. 2 specs should not the norm going forward. It made sense for DH but the Evoker should have a black dragonflight earth based tanking spec. Theres 5 dragonflights to draw magic from they can have three unique specs.

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I would do monstrous things for an evoker tank spec.

I understand why it’s not in, but just saying. It’s a missed opportunity.

In any event, that also makes me think - will they be another int + shield user like shaman and Paladin? Or we talking sword and offhand?

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I think adding more classes later is a good option, so they can focus on the story first but once that’s done the Dracthyr can learn other classes. That will get the people who want to tank the ability to, with out pulling a lot of reasorces away to add in new specs they weren’t planning on.

It would be cool to have other classes available eventually as long as they don’t have to compromise on the evoker animations.

Beyond the most commonly mentioned things the #1 thing on my wish list is about healer damage.
I dont play a healer because I want to be pushing damage buttons. Yet damage is useful and sometimes there is no one standing in fire. So what I really want but don’t think I’ll ever get is a healer dps ability that does aoe damage with friendly fire.
The idea being you only do it when you run out of things that need healing, it does good damage and then you have something to heal. While the damage should be strong to go along with the cost of friendly fire that strong damage would limit how and when you can safely use it with out risking killing someone.
I think the idea is too far in left field to be likely adopted. Also scary that the foolish could accidently use it to wipe a group, but we already have that risk. Any class can body pull a 2nd pack, most healers have a taunt button that would be disastrous if pressed 99% of the time. Simply not pressing a heal when someone needs it can kill someone. I don’t think the risks would be really any worse then now, unless you group is intentionally trying to push things and that would be a fun challenge, and more importantly a healing challenge for for the healer not one from a different role.

This idea is really interesting, actually! I could also see it work as an amazing way of allowing healers to be fun in solo content. Balancing self-healing and self-damaging to do dps levels of damage

I want the Dracthyr to have strong reflect skills, like karma on monks. I want the class to be able to reflect stuns if played well. I’m not a fan of the gear/stunkill meta in PvP, I want this class to be able to fight against that.

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Make the visage bodies unique models. They’re a mix of Nelf, Troll, Tauren and primitive Humans. They NEED unique models.


Ohh that’d be neat! I could also see a pvp talent that automatically burns whoever interrupts us.

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I’m super excited and can’t think of much more that I’d want. The only real thing is that I’d like to see a tank spec for Evoker. I’d also accept more class options instead, though the idea of an actual Evoker tank spec could be very unique and interesting.

Still, if they want to keep Evoker as-is they could always give Shaman an earth-themed tank spec, eh?

I suppose all that is a discussion on its own of course. For Dracthyr purely as a race, I hope there are some nice facial expressions, like sultry eyes. I’m also not a big fan of human female animations so I hope they have some unique animations.

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Pretty sure this was already confirmed