Dracthyr and MoP remix

Since Dracthyr start at level 60 will they be able to play?

This would be an awesome time for new classes for Dracthyr.

Warrior, mage, shaman, and Druid - so we can make one for each flight


I still kinda want non-Dracthyr Evokers not gonna lie…

But yeah, it would be nice for Dracthyr to have new options. I’m still not sure why they chose to go with the one class/one race thing, it seems overly restrictive for WoW’s modern design. If I remember right, there was a Dracthyr rogue in the Warband preview, and Ion shot all the theorycrafters down and said, “We have no plans to do this yet.” or something to that effect. I hope they change their mind, if so.

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I’ve seen hints from 10.2.7 datamining of a new questline involving visages and dracthyr, so there’s still a chance they could open up other races to use for visage forms.


Nah I rather they exclude them out.

Same for demon hunters and any allied race. If they want it an authentic MoP style then it should be that way

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Nah, that’s what MoP classic would be for.


It is remix so not authentic MoP, that is why I am hoping to see Dracthyr and the other races that came after MoP.


Maybe, though I’d imagine something that big would be an expansion feature when/if they decide to.

Considering you can’t make a Drac’thyr in Plunderstorm, there’s a chance this MOP Remix will have the same restriction.

I’m actually curious to see if any of the Allied Races will be able to do the event or if they’re going to restrict it to only the Races that were available during MOP. I mean, it would be silly to do that in a version of Retail (since this isn’t MOP Classic), but Blizzard have made plenty of bizarre decisions before.

I’d be devastated. I got plans to make a Lightforged ><.

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I’ll be very interested to see if you can A) use allied races and B) unlock heritage armor on them.

If both are true, the last few I need to get will absolutely be powered through remix.


I would be disappointed to not be able to roll a Zanda Druid

I actually didn’t think about Heritage Armors. That would be really neat if they allowed Allied Races to get Heritage Armors from leveling through this event.

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That’s a good idea! I will do the same, maybe try horde for a change but likely will defer to what the factions friends like.

It’ll definitely change my priorities on which characters I create.

Aren’t we still restricted to one dracthyr per realm? Remember that unlike Plunderstorm, the characters from Remix will be converted to standard characters once the game mode wraps up. If the restriction on dracthyr is still in place, it could cause problems when those Remix characters are converted over.

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They usually relax those types of restrictions once the next expansion comes out, so there’s a decent chance that by the time MOP remix gets rolled into retail, the evoker restriction will have dropped. I’m also looking forward to playing dracthyr as other classes, so here’s hoping that gets added as well.

I thought the MoP remix was 10.2.7

that’s why it’s called a remix

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean :sweat_smile: I was just saying I’d like to play Evoker without being a Dracthyr

There’s mop classic for those people.

I seem to remember evoker abilities being datamined? Could be wrong.

Either way, UNLIKE Plunderstorm the characters you make in Pandamonium will be moved to your main server afterward. You can keep them and treat this as a leveling thing. So it will be less restricted.