Dr. Disrespect

How is there not more threads about this?

Some straaaage stuff goin on.


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One of the biggest streamers ever had his twitch acct deleted without a trace last night.

Had just signed a 20 million dollar contract with twitch then they just nuked him with no explanation.

He doesn’t have anything to do with WoW directly. But he is huge in the general gaming community.

Never heard of him.


Been seeing a bunch of youtubers uploading videos talking about him. Gonna look into this now.

with all the canceling and whatnot i heard it best described like this
it’s the momentum you just can’t stop 2020 for you

He’s just another Howard Stern wannabe shock jock. Who cares? There’ll be ten more to take his place by this time next week.


Was he polite? Kind, or was he disgusting, confrontational and horrible.

Somehow, I think Societies are getting sick of nasty-for-the-sake-of-it people.

haha i think it’s kinda funny how out of the loop some players are. Literally dont know who the industry leaders and celebrities are and you literally play the game. get educated, players.

Guy is a friendly guy, I mean, he cheated on his wife once, but I am pretty sure outside of Forsen most people thought well of him.

Doctor Disrespect, his stream persona is something else, he acts very violently and tilted, though that’s why people watch him.

I doubt his ban was due to who he his. I was thinking DMCA takedown tbh.

Twitch does not refund subscribers and permanently ban you for DMCA.

The Doc’s wife posted a thank you note on instagram for all the support from the community yesterday… and then deleted it today.

His sponsors removed his banners… and then put them back up today.

There is no way this is DMCA and it just keeps getting weirder, and weirder, and weirder.

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We know the ones who matter. This guy, never heard of him. If he were SUCH an “industry leader and celebrity” then we all should know of him. Clearly he’s not.

i dont like dr disrespect but he is certainly an industry leader in terms of streaming. He’s pretty big

obviously you’re literally out of the loop, like humourously dumbously out of the loop.

his story “banned from streaming” is splattered all over literally every major news channel ABC NBC CBS ect including espn which is a sports channel. literal gamer.

git gud dude, you’re clueless

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i know you’re gonna reply with some silly nuh uh im right bullcrud but you’re not, im right you’re wrong.

Or, or, maybe I don’t care so much about so-called “celebrities” that I seek out every one of them? I know Asmon, Preach, Bellular, Nixxiom, Heelbsbabyface, and a slew of others. That’s more than enough. “Celebrity” worship, how laughable.

Many of us are educated. Just in other things and we see this game as just that, a game.

That’s why some, maybe many, have no clue who or what you’re talking about and that’s why it’s smart to just answer the questions people have instead of putting them down.

If you just answer without judgment, you stand to gain more of a fan base.

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hilarious that almost every one of those that you listed made a youtube video about DrDisrespect’s current situation.

you’re livin in clowntown dude

for the lols

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I don’t live on Youtube. Kinda actually, like, have a life. Haven’t seen anything yet about the guy and aren’t overly interested either. Sorry that bothers you.

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there is nothing wrong with being casual or out of the loop. but dont walk around on your pedestal barking about “who?” or “he must not be important if I dont know him” when you’re a casual or out of the loop. Just means you arent educated on the subject you’re currently involved in and should probably sit down.