Doomguard Ride-Along Information (RP)

From the desk of War Caller Fenryth:

Good day people of the Horde, I hope it finds you well.

Following the announcement of our new purpose, the Doomguard have been seeking to increase outreach and encourage better relations with members of the Horde. As such, we have decided to offer some insight into how we operate on a more interactive basis.

The Doomguard will be offering the opportunity for ride-alongs, which may give guests a chance to see how missions work, as well as get a first-hand look at how our rank structure, and interact with us as an organization on a more personal level.

Ride-alongs will be only available for certain missions that have been set aside as ride-along friendly. We will provide sign up sheets with a limited amount of space for guests. While coming along, guests will be asked to sign a waiver and may temporarily be under the command of the Doomguard. Being a guest does not guarantee becoming a recruit, but it is intended to be a helpful tool for both us and our guests to get a feel for what the Doomguard is about, and see if it is a good fit.

Stay posted for updates-- We will soon have more missions available for ride alongs, and are excited to see our guests join us and find out what we are all about.

As of right now, this month we have a mission that will bring us to Dalaran that we are currently accepting ride-alongs for. If you are interested, please contact us.

Best regards,

War Caller Fenryth.

(( OOC: Hey guys! We’re opening up ride-alongs for those who may want to try out the Doomguard before joining, or who are just curious and want to join in on some fun RP!

A couple ground rules and guidelines to discuss, just so that sign-ups and giving everyone a chance runs smoothly.

  • Mission spaces for guests are limited. This is to keep missions a manageable size for DMs, and to maximize the amount of interaction guests can get out of the experience.
  • Doomguard players are encouraged to bring Doomguard characters. We all have alts and we love, love, love alts! But we also encourage you to bring you Doomguard characters to help represent us, and to leave space for non-Doomguard guests!
  • Players can only sign up for every other mission. If you’ve recently gotten to go on a mission with us, you’ll need to wait until you can join up again. We love to have you here, but we want to give everyone a fair chance to join in!
  • Slots depend on the size of the mission. A larger mission will have more slots available than a smaller mission, so group sizes will vary.

These may be subject to change as necessary by officers, but we will absolutely keep you posted. We look forward to seeing you!

Our upcoming mission in the Hinterlands is available right now for ride-alongs, and sign-ups are open! They are currently on a first come, first serve basis. We have 2-3 slots open for this upcoming event. See the below links to sign up, and thank you so much!


Current Mission:

Info On Our Site:

Event Registration:


((OOC: Here is the new upcoming mission!))

Attention Doomguard:

The government of Silvermoon has hired us as security for the transport and auction of a powerful artifact. The artifact’s previous owner, an eccentric collector, died under mysterious circumstances, and during the city’s investigation of the death, it came into their possession. The artifact is nicknamed Odyn’s Eye. It’s some manner of obscenely large gem, with unknown magical properties, and apparently, they’ve already had trouble with people trying to steal it.

The terms of our contract state that we must protect the artifact from theft, but also that we must keep our eyes out for any untoward behavior when it reaches auction. My contact, Inquisitor Farrodan Everhide, seems to think that someone may be intending to rig the bidding in addition to the thieves trying to flat out steal it.

We will be expected on Sunday the 18th at 8th drum [8 server time]. Our route will start in the Hinterlands, then continue through the Plaguelands and into Quel’thalas. Be ready for combat as always. And perhaps ready to solve a mystery.

Good luck. As the War Caller is still absent, if you have questions, speak to myself, the Spymaster, or the Commander.

-Amb. Ondolemar Galebraver