Dont Nerf Sapphiron

DON’T NERF IT. YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE US ONE…ONE more challenging boss. WHY WOULD YOU NERF IT WHEN SO MANY GUILDS STEAMROLLED AQ. FFS. I actually enjoyed wiping on it in the PTR. Seriously Blizzard. PLEASE. You can’t be oblivious to the fact that so many people have been crushing the raiding content. WHY.

No they’re giving us the vanilla version, which has been consistent with what they’re doing with classic.


If they wanted a good change to deal with that they’d disable world buffs.

That would effectively be giving every boss +70% to +100% more HP.

Along with nerfing everyone’s max HP by a huge amount.


“You explained why I can’t have what I want and said ‘no!’ That’s next level trolling!”

Forum entitlement: like Sapphiron, unchanged since the original version of the game.


Wonderful news for TBC: Blizzard cares about authentically recreating the original game!

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Hey everybody,

I wanted to drop in and give one more update. Astute readers of my earlier post may have noticed that the original implementation had a 1% to do an extra tick of damage, and while that’s pretty minor on average, taking an extra tick of 600 damage can create a dangerous streak that can make the fight significantly harder, especially if you don’t have much frost resistance.

I’m really happy to share with you that after I made my post, our newest team member added an effect that exactly reproduces the 1% chance to have an extra tick of frost damage, so you’ll have something even more true to the original difficulty.

Watch out for those damage streaks! It’s cold in there! :slight_smile:


I agree that disabling world buffs, either entirely or at least for the first month of Naxx, would have been a welcome change. But many raids will be progressing through the difficult portions of the instance (the parts where world buffs actually would make a difference in difficulty) without buffs anyway, so it’s kind of a moot point. I doubt the majority of guilds will be doing Sapphiron with buffs on week 1.

You can also pot exploit visc, who would be incredibly hard if you couldn’t. Not being able to spam remove his dot makes that encounter 10x harder.


Awesome to see the math behind this. Thanks!!


With an appropriate amount of frost resist, you will likely reduce the damage to 0-300 per 2 seconds, as you will have a very low chance to only take 25% less or take full damage. This is not particularly hard to heal.

If viscidus’ poison was nowhere near as strong as it is but couldn’t be dispelled, I think it would be realistic to have people using nature resistance to mitigate. But as it stands, most people are just running heavy stamina gear and just facetanking the bolts and chugging elixirs of poison resistance or the venom sacs from lbrs.

Actually getting that much FrR will completely gimp your stats without the epic crafted frozen rune stuff though, which was not the case on the PTR.

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Referencing wrath at any point in the post is enough to make classic andys go blind to what the speaker is trying to get across.

Well I guess this is a step in the right direction.


well that was clearly the point back then. You would need to work towards a good resistance setup to stand a very good chance of beating sapphiron, good meaning you are using pieces of the crafted gear from naxx.

With the way things are, everyone is overgeared and it will likely not be that much of a challenge to clear the raid.

Not a single raid boss has lasted longer than the release day so far in classic, excluding molten core and onyxia’s lair due to people having to level to 60… but even then, they were killed within a week of launch. Back then, it took people 5 months to finally kill ragnaros. I guarantee sapphiron is going to be a complete joke with this change to the aura.

If Im not mistaken by the way, frost runes are on a 3 day respawn timer within the raid, and you get 3-6 per one you pick up. It would not be that hard to get people a few pieces of crafted gear towards the end of the first week.

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Why would they? The world firsts of this content were done 14 years ago. Thousands of people have already done this content, some of them a hundred times on private servers. You can’t make old content not farm for people that’ve already done it.

If they re-released mythic Kil’jaeden, the hardest boss in WoW history, all the guilds that farmed it 30 times would be able to kill it first day because they already know everything about it and have already practiced it to death over hundreds of tries.


The point I’ve been trying to make, is why haven’t they tried to make the game more challenging to replicate the vanilla feel of the game where you don’t just go into an instance, fumble around and get loot on a weekly basis? This is their last chance to do it, this content isn’t released to classic servers yet. I want naxx to be actually seriously challenging to clear. There isn’t a way to make players unlearn how to clear the content but tuning up the bosses would reduce the amount of errors people are allowed to make.

That would be cool, but I suspect Blizzard would point you to retail WoW if you want highly challenging content.

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I guess that clearly isn’t what the design vision is for classic though. They just want everyone to be able to clear all the content without much challenge.

No it was not…

“Basically, over the course of every 60 second period, the encounter requires your raid to do roughly 230k damage in order to keep up with the various spawns. Now, a 40-man raid can certainly accomplish that on a single target. But when some people are in C’Thun’s stomach, and the targets of that DPS are spread throughout the room, and when clustering at all (i.e., to melee burn down a specific tentacle) means that you get destroyed by a spawning tentacle or a jumping eye beam, the end result is simply impossible.”

was his “proof”…

I mean the difference is the devs in vanilla looked at C’thoun and said this is broken and fixed it. They looked at Saph in vanilla and it was working fine.

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