Dont Nerf Sapphiron

People are going to complain if you release it as is. But stay strong. Almost all of classic has been steam-rolled, let us have at least one boss in the entire game that poses some challenge. If its not gonna be KT, its kinda fitting it would be the penultimate boss to Classic. So please, let the aura stay as is. Make people have to actually farm resistance gear for a change and lets have one boss that isn’t completely faceroll.



I mean Asmon made that boss look like an lfr boss. Must be easy.


I understand you’re being sarcastic but I dont think people realize they had infinite flasks, +50% healing, +50% damage, +3000 hp, +200 frost resistance… and it was a super geared group to begin with.


Sapphiron was never the hardest boss in Naxxramas.


It will be if they don’t modify it. The PTR “bug fixed” version is probably the hardest version to ever exist, on private servers or vanilla.


What’s different about it? The frost damage aura should do 600 damage every 2 seconds. Which, by the way, can easily be healed through with only 60 total frost resistance if healers know how to effectively use HoTs and coordinate them with minimal overlap.

12k pre-mitigation dps isn’t exactly “easy” to heal through on a 5+ minute fight, but the buff actually says 600 every second. It’s just been “bugged” since vanilla, and private servers emulated the bug. On the PTR its fixed…


So what’s the bug? The tooltip or the way it actually works?

The way it works has been “bugged” since vanilla. Tooltip says 600 every second, aura goes out every 2 seconds but like most HOTS/DOTS there was a delay before it actually ticked. So it was: Apply - tick - apply - tick - apply - tick etc… so the damage actually only hit every other second (in the same way if you apply renew every other second you’ll lost half the ticks.)

On the PTR right however its: Apply + tick - tick, apply + tick, tick… so the damage hits every second regardless meaning its doing 2x as much as “expected.”


There’s 0% chance it stays that way on live and you know it.

Kel’Thuzad seemed bugged by the way, like he was skipping abilities and using them only half as frequently as he should be sometimes.

Without the 50% buff a ton of extra HP and 200 free resist I expect Kel’Thuzad will still be a pretty tough fight for most people.

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I dunno. I mean technically, its working as the tooltip says it should. A GM apparently said it was “working as intended” last night, but I suspect theres a good chance they’re not on the same page as the design team.


You can watch any number of 2006 videos and see the aura tick only every 2 seconds, except in cases of the application being fully resisted where it will briefly tick every 1 second until the next dot application.

They’re obviously going to make it function like 2006.

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Thanks for explaining this. That is very interesting. So if I am reading what you are putting down, it is applying the last tick from the previous application at the same time it applies the next application so there is no delay in the ticks. Did I get that right?

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I already said it’s working differently than it did before, but as it should according to the tooltip. And it’d be great if they left it like that so we can experience Sapph as it was originally intended.

Exactly. Some speculation it may be a weird side affect from batching but at this point all we have is one GM allegedly saying its “working as intended.”


Considering Blizzard let Sapphiron function that way for years, until WOTLK release, with no changes I am pretty sure it was originally intended to tick every 2 seconds.

Something that should definitely be changed is Kel’Thuzad randomly forgetting to use his abilities for extremely long periods on PTR.

Here’s 2006.

Frost blast at


Chains of Kel’Thuzad at


On PTR there were occasionally super long gaps in usage of frostbolt volley, frost blast and chains of kel’thuzad.

|00:00:55.502|Kel’Thuzad casts Frost Blast on Chewy | |
|00:02:32.975|Kel’Thuzad casts Frost Blast on Soildsra ||

On the kill I had Chains of Kel’Thuzad wasn’t used for 2 minutes 40 seconds. Sometimes there was a minute between volleys. Something is clearly busted. I think it’s related to batching and him actually skipping a cast entirely and resetting his timer.


Part of it is how few guilds actually completed Naxx the first time. Then TBC came out 6 months later and few guilds ever went back either. I am guessing they just decided it wasn’t worth the effort to fix. Granted, that’s pure speculation on my part. It seems realistic though. They had bigger fish to fry at that time.
Edit: I am glad they are actually taking the time to have players hammer on these bosses though. This is the one raid they need to get right. If they can make it challenging, that would be pretty sweet.


The way you’re describing wouldn’t it tick two consecutive seconds and then skip one?

I think he means it looks like this:
tick apply
tick apply
tick apply
Where each line is an action that occurs in that second.


This. They were pretty clear that Naxx is on the PTR only to make sure the mechanics work, and gave us a buff to give randos with smaller raids a better chance at seeing all the mechanics.

Keeping the fight as is doesn’t even make it harder for anyone but healers. Also, some raid comps might not even have enough Druids/Priests to down the fight, so it encourages guilds poaching other guilds healers.

Requiring 15 healers and 200 Frost Resist on everyone doesn’t make the fight hard, it just makes it unbelievably annoying and will certainly cause players to quit when their guild is gated by un-blizzlike mechanics.

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