Dont Nerf Sapphiron

As to downing the boss in 20 seconds without seeing a single mechanic? It was never about hard. It was always about tedious and time consuming. It may not be Blizzlike, but it is Vanilla like - which is what Classic should have been but isn’t.

This entire thread is about how the raid wide AoE is pulsing 100% faster than on Vanilla. Even with Vanilla-like mechanics this boss will be harder for guilds to down than any other boss in the game, including KT.

The original intent of the developers is a separate question from whether the Classic version should be deliberately overtuned to add difficulty and a sense of real progression to the encounter. I would personally be in support of this. In particular, it would be awesome if the aura was tuned such that full epic frost resistance sets needed to be farmed out for the whole raid in order to kill it without world buffs. This would provide a “spirit of vanilla” experience where earlier bosses would need to be farmed in order to progress through the instance.

Was just referring to what you said about needing 15 healers and tons of resist being nothing but annoying.

This is literally what people did on Visc back in vanilla. Imagine if they fixed the venom sack or the exilir of posion resist timers, like they likely would have if it had been the go to strat in vanilla for Visc.

I absolutely hope they keep sapphiron as it right now.

In videos from 2006 you can clearly see it ticking once in every two seconds.


Indeed, and sometimes developers have to jury-rig scuffed ways of getting an encounter to work the way they want. So they created a DoT effect that intentionally clipped it’s own damage to tick once every two seconds. There’s no way the developers intended Frost Aura to do a whopping 24k DPS raidwide, that’s completely unhealable without like 20+ healers. I don’t care how much frost resistance you run to mitigate it.

Only if you stacked your comps with nothing but mages and warriors.

Our “meme” specs are always prepared to heal and have been taking excess healing gear the entire life of classic. Won’t be optimal but also shouldn’t have to poach anyone to make it work. Will see how the numbers pan out.

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People literally did it on the PTR so its literally not completely unhealable. Literally. Its probably unhealable if you try to go in and cheese the enounter without farming the FR gear as was intended however. FR takes 24k down to about 10k whih is less than 1k a second for 12-14 healers which is entirely reasonable.

The PTR had 50% increased damage and healing and 200 Frost Resistance without having to dedicate a single gear slot to it. Funnily enough 200 Frost Resistance just happens to cut the damage precisely in half. In other words, they were already effectively fighting a version of Sapphiron that had Frost Aura tick every 2 seconds instead of 1.

It’s also just one mechanic. Assuming you mitigate it to 10k, you dedicate a guy or two to tank healing and have to stay on top of sources of (mostly) avoidable spike damage, and lose throughput to reposition. Were talking about sustaining a good 800-900+ HPS or so on non-tank healers for a fight you can reasonably expect to be 4 or 5 minutes long. Healers certainly are capable of that for a far shorter fight, but you can’t sustain that without flask abuse or being a Paladin.


Laughs in ranged attack power

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Yeah, with 200 FR handed to them while they got to wear all their BiS gear, extra health, extra damage, and unlimited flasks. What a stupid argument that the PTR is a reflection of what live will be.


I would prefer if it was whatever the original developers intended it to be. Whichever it is, I doubt we will ever know.

No, it’s a tooltip bug. There are other tooltips that were never updated (see: Grobbulus’ Mutating Injection claiming you’ll turn into an Abomination if it’s not cleansed).

And it will be fixed.

Even with 20 healers, the DPS loss would make the fight last so long you would oom every healer most likely unless everyone is already in P6 naxx BiS gear and stacking every buff and consume possible to benefit that fight.

The encounters are tuned so you don’t have to run a “perfect raid comp”. They are tuned to require a certain number of classes in each roll but not tuned so precisely you cannot finish an encounter unless you have exactly the comp you need. Certain raid compositions might have to play more precisely than others however.

Just flaskpot bro. Sapphiron p2w.

in before a +20 Warrior raid with flask set down Sapp with 2-3 healers in 50 seconds or less. Its going to be funny because with +1100 healing (attainable pre-AQ) will out heal Sapp’s damage in berserker stance.

How do you know? They’ve made plenty of changes to the game so far. They could leave this as is.

If blizzard leaves it like this it is by definition blizz like.

sounds like actual naxx in vanilla, right?

Shrug. Whether or not thats the case makes no difference to me. Classic is what it is already. Its too bad its nothing like overall vanilla but its all good.

Would it be nice to see most guilds struggle some? Definitely. Do i expect them to? Nope. Classic has already set very low time spent precedent. It is what it is.