Don't forget Allied Races in 9.1

As per title, I’d like to request that Allied Race customization is not neglected in 9.1.

  • Nightborne could really use additional customization like new skins, young faces and hairstyles (and an overall rework but this is just recommendations for 9.1). Also ear length options.
  • Lightforged Draenei males need better beards and the option to choose beard separately from hair style. Both genders also need tail length options, as well as more hairstyles and colours.
  • Highmountain tauren should get more customizations available to Tauren, as well as extra tattoo and horn options I’d say.
  • Vulpera need more faces with a slightly more broad snout as it looks a little too thin, some more fur patterns and more tail options.
  • Void elves need more hairstyles and some hair colors like white, blonde and black. Perhaps they could get a little more creative with blonde and add void highlights on it (like the effect on the Starcursed Voidseeker’s wings) to make it look unique and trendy. Also ear length options.
    And give TAILS to Worgen!! /Bite if you don’t!

Nightborne, especially males, should be redone completely. The model is so bad.


I would like:

  • Dark Iron Dwarves, Lightforged Draenei**, Highmountain Tauren, and Mag’har Orcs should get every option standard dwarves, draenei, tauren, and orcs get, tweaked as appropriate for their subrace. Specifically, dark iron dwarves could use some sick flameseared brands.
  • Nightborne need a complete overhaul. Their faces have looked weird since implementation and they don’t match the aesthetic of the nightborne NPCs in Suramar. They also need more tattoo options, jewelry, and arcane energies / symbols that manfiest when they do stuff.
  • Vulpera need more fur colors and patterns, more ears, more jewelry, and the ability to customize the fur on the tops of their heads, similar to how pandaren can do so for hair styles. I’d also like camp customizations.
  • Void Elves need literally nothing. They got almost every option Blood Elves got. Let Blizzard design for the other races.

Well, I have some good news for you; customizations are largely handled by the art department’s developers, not the ones who balance PvE, PvP, fix bugs, etc… so you can ask for customizations without having to worry about taking anything away from balancing and fixing.

To be clear, I’m aware you weren’t voicing concerns like that. I was merely implying that anyone can want the game to be fun to play, and also want more customization options at the same time. Blizzard conveniently has different teams.


They need more options based on their own theme, cause they dont have many hairstyle options.


There is zero reason to not give void elves more blood elf options. They are literally the same race if you take away them being infused with void. Being infused with void doesn’t auto-magically make you forget how to style/dye your hair in specific ways/colors. Additionally it doesn’t cause you to lose your jewelry.


Casually throwing the good 'ol “lemme play high elves!”


Bro, the adventure table is BiS content so yeah obviously they have spent more time tuning and communicating about all the changes to this amazing and most important adventure table content.



I don’t see why it can’t work the other way either.

Agreed, Nightborne need loads of love.

That doesn’t sound-

Nevermind. Vulpera are the newest Allied Race. They need nothing. Ever. In fact, they might have too many customization and should lose about half of what they have.


Exactly, IF you take away the void infusion which shouldn’t happen. Void elves should have never gotten human skin tones and shouldn’t get more blood elf options. They need more void options.


Don’t forget all the races that are still missing their heritage armor in 9.1.


I beg to differ. (In a Semi-Perfect Cell’s Voice.)


Void elves are actually Blood elves who left the Horde due to what happened when they got involved with the Void. There are also Blood elves and High elves in Telogrus that are not affected by the Void, so it makes sense that Void elves get some light hair colors. And at the end of the day they already have several blue and grey hair colors, giving them more will not cut it since they already have void options.


Do you not realize they can suppress the void… They have zero reason not to have more blood elf options, and yes of course they can also have more void options.


Gonna disagree with both of you. They are void elves and they need void options. I don’t want my favorite race to be overtaken and ruined by helf fanatics like you guys.


I both support and oppose this opinion, there’s sort of a gender in equality for Void Elves, the female and male looks like two entirely different species.

Commonly I look lightyears out of the league of every single velf male. :laughing:

The devs could easily fix this by giving the males the options to look more savage, beastly, and much more intimidating.

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You’re allowed to disagree.

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They could honestly do the same for male night elves too, Nightborne males look so out of place because their father skeleton and model base is just as bad.


Yep and they still owe us core race armor sets, they never finished those



I want the foremane stuff and big antlers for females like males have

Also we have a grand total of 4 fur colors rn