Don't do Fated Raids base achievement limited time content

Because old LFR disables via normal LFG after expansion ends and also its a experiment patch and fated affixes are temporary.

I agree for mounts like KSM, Glad not mounts for participation that could also receive the mage tower treatment as ever green content.

There’s a npc on next expansion that enable LFR queue, you could also obtain it via N/H/M with friends if the rotation remains, or just add a npc that enable fated mode, more green content.

No one ever remembers those NPCs or bothers with them. Most would say no to doing that because this community is unforgiving and greedy and all about themselves unless it’s something everyone can get. And in this case, once everyone currently gets the mount, they will never touch LFR with a 10 foot pole again.

Take it from me, someone who did old achievements, - it was ROUGH getting people for 5 man achievements let alone LFR.

Because all manpower is on DF and they abandoned SL to end the sub drops.

That’s why new / returning players could return with few friends or even solo this content at some point. Just like i can solo almost all LFR from all previous expansions.

There’s more that one solution to implement this as ever green content or just dont remove it.

Already confirmed that Slime saber will be available only during S4, Devs decisions impacting the collector community, if new and returning players miss this kind of rewards then Ion will say "We don’t implement new mount achievements because the high bar will required remove and promotional content"

So promotional rewards that are exclusive to a segment of the population are good… if promotional rewards are exclusive, but easily accessible to a lot of people who play in the time allowed it’s bad.


Blizzard should try to implement rewards attached to content like Mage Tower that’s an evergreen system, instead of doing this for participation during an experiment season.

Adjust the raid to a difficult lvl not matter the expansion with the fated affix and provide the reward for completion.

If it’s time limited that sucks. This game is already the butt joke of society lol ~ they really need to think up of ways to keep such rewards past the end-date of a season or whatever.


I’m pretty sure that’s why there’s a participation reward, tbh.

Subs…that’s the whole reason, but Devs sometimes during interviews mention “new players” like they care but keep doing this kind of limited content.

The whole fated content could work with an escalation system like mage tower, if a new / returning players comes back, there’ll be guilds doing runs or mount groups, just like the playerbase with communities running G.M.O.D runs, Glories runs…etc

My stance on it is the same with all other removed content pieces:

Some rewards are an “I was there and did that” statement. Be it a specific color or model type. As long as the model gets reused and is accessible to people down the line I don’t have a problem with it. There will continue to be Glories runs regardless.


IMO, It’s better if the Slime Saber is a reward for something always in game like the Book from Mage Tower and this new Fate Achievement for participation just receive a recolor of another SL mount, if someone miss the opportunity like new players , they could have options.

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So it’s basically a much more accessible AotC mount.
That sounds like a great idea to me, not sure what the problem is.

AOTC and this kind of achievement for paticipation could be evergreen content with a proper escalation system like mage tower instead of removed content.

Ion already mentioned during an interview :

“The bar so high that it start to feel like you need a bunch of sort of unfair mounts…no longer available or promotios”

"Join the game and eventually achieve", But Devs keep removing content instead of doing evergreen content.

missing out on a mount in game with 800 is not that big of a loss.

Well as per Ion philosophy that kind of approach delays mount achievements at the point on which collectors don’t have goals provided by the game, everything is connected.

lol You’ve grossly misunderstood what he was saying there :rofl:

Ok, tell me what’s the right interpretation…

He’s talking about the specific # of mounts for the achievement, in this case 500, and that there needs to be a large enough pool of mounts in game for new players to achieve it, and that they’re also going to be adding more.

He’s basically explaining why they went with 500, he’s not saying that they won’t be adding temporary mounts in the future . I’m not sure how you got that.