Don’t release BWL till 2021 please

Underrated comment.

This what makes classic so great, there is no rush. We can finally see Naxx when we get around to it. I plan to.

They did say they’d give an update about the BWL release date in early December. They never specified WHICH December.

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Please pump the breaks there, pal. I just finished up with Durotar. I don’t know where to go next, can you help me level faster?


They should release it 2022 or something, I just have 1 level 60 character :frowning:

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You’re misinterpreting that post. The title of the Blue post is “Classic Content Unlocking in December.” The post goes on to talk about all the content unlocking in December, with a short addendum about BWL and the Darkmoon Faire.

The entire post aside from the small mention about BWL, is about the content unlocking the week of December 10th. The phrase about an exact timestamp, refers to this post made on December 9th (Early December):

“A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred, usually giving date and time of day, sometimes accurate to a small fraction of a second.”


Well first of all, it’s a joke. Try not to be too pedantic on someone’s joke.

Secondly, they already provided an “exact time stamp” for the BGs. They opened them at server reset on that week.

The second to last sentence is therefor referring to the content unlock that includes BWL and DMF.

I would recommend a thread demanding that Blizzard provide everyone with free lvl 60 boosts.

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They provided an exact timestamp after they said they would, in early December. I even linked you the definition of timestamp to help you better comprehend the post.

This is a failure of our education system on display, sad.

They provided a time stamp on both occasions.

However the sentence in question specifically refers to BWL and DMF… for which they never did provide a time stamp. They obviously meant a different december.


is not:



The title of the thread is: Classic Content Unlocking in December

The closing sentence is:

which is in a new paragraph, separate from:

Which was a small addendum to the main topic. Anyone with a basic High school reading comprehension ability should be able to understand this.

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Well first of all, neither one is an “exact timestamp”. They’re both simply “timestamps”.

Secondly, the third paragraph refers to what was being said in the second one. Specifically the content unlock with BWL and DMF.

Once again, they clearly meant a different December.


as long as its out before ww3

Give us BWL/ZG/AB and then hold AQ for 6-9 months. The game needs to normalize again.

I am with you on this. I don’t understand the want to either rush or delay content.

We really are in a unique situation that is rare. The re-release of an old original version of a game. There are bound to be differences the second go around so just go with the flow. There isn’t much to think about here.

Hogger raid, Atiesh next Thursday. Be ready. No meme specs allowed. Loot reserved. Almost full.

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And now we know maybe its 2020 maybe 2030 I think most agree 2030🥰

The game doesn’t even start until people get a chance at killing c’thun.

Then it finishes with naxx.

Most people are here for those two reasons, and it’s the only reason people will stick around long term. If you think this is the best part of the game, you’re delusional and represent an extreme minority of people playing the game.

I knew I could count on you to come up with the solutions so I don’t have to worry nor think. <3

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