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I am sure we have some educated wow gamers out there. I have question for you. Blizzard not replying to me, How is it legal to tax a race change… when you wow gold to convert to wow balance which in returned gave me a balance to complete the transaction. " I know a Law pass now blizzard are required to paid tax on on microtransactions or transaction. question is legal to change taxes on bit coin or any other virtual currency. I like to see the reaction to the community. I have already reached out to my state. They are processing the complaint… its not legal to use ingame currency and then tax it and where real us currency was never used… If thats the case i want to use my balance to shop on ebay and amazon or even walmart I think something went sideways and they have yet to address it/fix it. I hope they do soon.

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There is now sales tax on goods and services via the interwebs.

It was lobbied for by amazon and actual retail locations.


Talk to your state representatives or move to a state that doesn’t tax online services.


The method of payment is irrelevant.

It’s the worth (in local currency) and the taxes are due on that.

Bitcoin is not a method of avoiding sales tax.

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but not for ingame gold converted to balance… taxes are charged on transaction but u didn’t comprehend what I was saying… its not legal to charge tax on virtual currency where us currency was never involved.

It’s probably more to do with the transaction. The currency is largely irrelevant.

Well you are using the in game currency in lieu of real world currency for real world goods or service. So in essence they can tax you.

Personally I oppose interwebs sales tax for several reasons but I don’t have the lobby power of retailers.

Blizzard can do nothing about this. They have to tax what the government tells them to tax. That’s why they can’t give you an answer, or at least not a answer you want.

I was told its not legal… their system is screwed up due to the most recent law pass and making them charge taxes on all transactions

If it’s been implemented, it’s been implemented. You’re welcome to challenge the ordinance in court, but you can’t refuse it individually at the vendor level (except to not purchase from the vendor).


its not legal to charge taxes on virtual currency, where us currency was never involved. sorry

By a tax lawyer?

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You converted your gold to WoW balance which does have a monetary value. No different than returning something for store credit.

So what you did was take gold with no monetary value and buy a token. Tokens which can be traded in for in Blizzard money which has no monetary value outside of the Blizzard store (store credit basically). Now store credit is taxable, so that is why you have to play taxes on your purchase.

The other side of this if and this is a big if, you could use Blizzard balance in other places would that money then become a source of income then become taxable? So every token you buy, you would also have to pay state and federal taxes on it. Without a doubt Blizzard would report that and at the end of the year it would be on your taxes. I often wonder do people really think about they other taxes they would liable to pay.


You do realize the gold turns to real money (blizz balance). So yea they technically can. When someone buys the token with real money. They can sell it for gold. If you want money from the token you can spend gold for it. It’s still money in one form or another. That is how I see it.

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ball is rolling … BBB was notified and backing also. you cant and say it again… you be made to pay state taxes where US currency was never used. so now the federal goverment accept wow gold to pay taxes ?? or i can pay my bills with wow balance… they screwed it up… its been 3 months almost 4… it will be revised…

I doubt it. lol

And today is sunday. I wonder if op just doing this due to the day. :thinking:

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I would love to see this in writing.

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Because the currency is de-facto convertible it’s taxable. This has been ruled on by the Fed and Financial crimes units. Basically if the exchange could happen for real money it must be taxed that way.

gold was earn in a virtual world with the federal government accept… gold wasn’t purchased by us currency… call your local Law office office and/BBB or state tax office u live in… Ball was dropped I hope someone corrects the issue