Does your character have trauma?

I know that might seem like a very broad question but i was kinda curious. After years of battling massive dragons, slithering serpents, and necro lichs you would think the mightest hero would have some trauma right?


My main Rogue, Zhihao WInterclaw, had to kill her sister and last living family in a duel. Years before that her home was destroyed by Mogu.

The former more or less capped off a series of assassinations on other people from her past. Her duel with her sister, Yun, hurt the most, of course. Throughout the entire campaign leading up to it she held to the hope that it wouldn’t have to end that way. Yun was like a hero to her, though she would never admit it to her; now she no longer can. There is overall quite a bit of guilt associated with the ordeal.

My Draenei Paladin once spent a considerable amount of in the icy prison of a lich. She’s got various physical scars from the ordeal and psychologically struggles with low temperatures.

There are a couple others but I currently don’t feel like elaborating on them.


Oliver here has seen some things when he was a soldier for the Gilnean army. Many of his fellow soldiers killed horribly at the hands of the forsaken and was still mourning the passing of his mother from a terminal illness. Every now and then he’ll wake up in a cold sweat switching into his cursed shape should the battle flashbacks invade his mind. [many a pillow were destroyed with claw marks]


id love to hear more. Those two you referenced where great.

can only imagin a cuddle session turned wrong. Small spoon wakes up to some horrible marks xD

My girl Adahlis was actually a highborne during the Sundering but was very young so doesnt seem old enough to have been there. She managed to escape with her little sister Neemia (also a Mage of mine) and stayed with the Night Elves. During the Third War, she thought she lost Neemia to the Burning Legion and joinedIllidan only to find her in Dalaran during Legion. She’s been pretty messed up over the years. Killing everything doesnt bother her but once she thought her sister was dead, she was emotionally stunted.

She used to be the happy go lucky sister, always smiling and laughing but after the Third War, she was changed drastically. She tended to unofficially ‘adopt’ other Night Elf girls that were orphans from the Burning Legion attack and raised them as sisters. Once Adahlis found Neemia, everything rushed back and was kinda traumatized again. Now she easily get overwhelmed and only Neemia can calm her down.

I actually write short stories about their adventures and past and I love making backstories for my toons. Ive got plenty and they are all connected one way or another.

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The whole being twisted into a weapon and enslaved by the Lich King thing is a close second- but those memories are still half remembered fever dreams.

Ogres on the otherhand?

Benedikt was a squire in the Battle of Hillsbrad. He saw them twist grown men apart and eat them like chicken wings. Beat horsemen to death with other horses. It was a living nightmare to the young Benedikt.

Much has changed since then. But he still stiffens up around them and has a tendency to kill them in sadistic ways.


Oh yes, there’s been trauma.

The start of Legion was when things started becoming difficult for Amyrlina. She’d always been able to keep herself grounded regardless of where she was, no matter the situation. Was always the person people turned to for strength and wisdom. But when the Legion returned, she witnessed too much and it shook her off balance.

She had become mentally and emotionally drained by the end of the campaign and was unable to cope properly with Sargeras stabbing Azeroth. The world’s pain which echoed through her mind was crippling.

She tried to focus on her duties as Archdruid but when Sylvanas burned Teldrassil, that was it. She was in Darnassus when it happened. Amyrlina’s mother, one of the priestesses in the Temple of Elune, burned to death. She’d been unable to reach her in time. Her father had to physically pull her away from the burning temple and force her onto one of the last remaining hippogryphs before the entire city was engulfed.

After Teldrassil. Amyrlina flew to the slopes of Mt. Hyjal and collapsed to the ground in anguish. She cried to the cold dark sky for Elune to grant her the means to exact vengeance. Never before had she felt this kind of rage. She’d devoted years of her life to the betterment of the world only for her goddess to abandon her in her time of need. But Elune heard her and granted her her wish. In my narrative, Tyrande was not the only one who became an avatar of the Night Warrior.

Which brings us to now. In narrative, Amyrlina did not go to Kul Tiras or Zandalar. She spends most of BFA hunting down Sylvanas’ loyalists. She lurks alone among the ruins of Darkshore, a shadow of revenge that falls over anyone who deigns to side with the Banshee Queen.

I don’t know where the future will take Amyrlina but the events of the past two expansions have changed her irrevocably.

So this one’s relatively recent; more or less another case of torture. I wrote about one of my Mages, Astrea, once being trapped on a Legion conquered world, once rife with arcane magic, that had been nearly entirely drained of such. This was during a time in her life when she was actively hunting demons, sometimes chasing them off-world to destroy them. Upon being led to the aforementioned planet she was captured and left to feed felhounds, getting drained of personal mana (and perhaps more) for an indeterminate period of time.

After her escape she eventually recorded her experience in her journal.

I’d be curious about trauma caused by characters played by other Rpers (with ooc permission, of course), as opposed to something made up for a back story.

Interesting, though, regardless.


Oh boy where do I start.
Physically Riva has a massive scar on his chest from where a warlock burned him with shadow flames, his voice is messed up from a centaur arrow being lodged in his vocal cords, a dark iron cracked his tusk open on Zul’dazar, he had his arm ripped off by a Worgen druid but it was later grown back after a lot of interference from his Loa, and just recently he had nearly all of his blood drained.

In terms of mental anguish: he lost his faith in the Horde as a wide organization after seeing how some of its soldiers truly act instead of the stories he grew up with in Revantusk, he lost his self after being tricked by Mueh’zala and still suffers constant night terrors and an eating disorder from his possession.

I feel like if you want your character to live this super dangerous lifestyle whether as a soldier or adventurer you should be willing to pay some ‘damage’ tax to really show how much of themselves they risk.

Well here’s a laundry list of $#!T I haven’t explained a dozen times.

So let start from the beginning.

Silver spoon in the mouth since the time of birth until about the age 4.

Then abandonment from single biological mother to be replaced by slaves and servants. Being spoiled rotten to the point she was given the nickname “Terror of the Sunwell”

At the age six, severe isolation and enclosement to the point her tantrums lead to self-mutilation and cruelty to animals.

At the age of seven she was kidnapped by a slaver to be held ransom, only escaping from the only friend she had made. He cut her bonds and told her to run away, eventually running into a tribe of trolls

After a month of living with the trolls, befriending them and learning how to cook and fish. Her mother and a group of high elf mages burned every single troll they could find in there huts.

Coming back to Silvermoon City and seeing that her only friend was walking around with a stick because his master cut out his eyes was quite traumatic. If not, left her feeling super guilty not being able to say goodbye.

At the age of seven or eight her grandfather started teaching her fencing and two handed sword, but later joined a ‘formal’ swordplay class that taught her flashy stylize sword movements for demonstration purposes. After showing her choreography to her grandfather, enraged, he told her entire class to beat her with a inch her life for turning her into a ‘dancer’.

A few weeks away from nine years old, she watched her mother die while she was in her arms at the hands of Arthas Medivh with Frostmorne, and her mother encased herself in a Ice Block spell long enough for the undead to pass. Perfectia was rendered unconscious and only has flashes of this particular memory.

At the age nine drawn in by Alexandros Mograine fighting undead with the Ashbringer, she watched Renault Morgraine stab his father in the back.

After refusing to take the Corrupted Ashbringer the ghost of Alexandros Mograine took the lives Lady Blaumeux and Thane Korth’azz after looking for Perfectia when they realized she was missing.

Perfectia was eventually hunted down by the undead three for ‘stealing’ the light from Alexandros’s soul. Only narrowing a escape due to some help from Sir Zeliek who was eventually taken into there collective.

I’ll mention Tempest Keep as well, but I wouldn’t really call that trauma, more like continuous abuse. She was forced to work the mines for several years living off fel magic and it caused her age prematurely. She had her first blood in those mines at the age of 13.

At the age of 14 a few of Kael’Thas’s soldiers noticed her ‘filling out’ and offered her a job working in the Den of Mortal Delights but not before paying some kind of ‘transfer fee’. They tired to grab at her, she ran, they caught her, forced her down, cut off her clothes with swords and she can’t remember anything after that. When she came back a week had gone by, she found herself in Shattrath City, and she had no idea how she got there.

At the age of 17 Tirion Fordring told her that she couldn’t go into Icecrown Citadel to defeat the Lich King. This wasn’t her worst trauma but she believed that it was for a time, because it caused her to go into a deep depression where she intentionally gained 80 lbs.

At the age 19 Garrosh saw from the lack sleep and fel magic and living off of alcohol and pork, her eyes turned blue again and he decided to use her to spy on the Silver Covenant. But not before putting her on a special ‘weight loss program’. She was chained up inside Ragefire Chasm where she was forced to fast, sweat, and detox from alcohol withdrawal. Eventually going from 190 lbs to 150 lbs to two months.

At the age of 20 she fell in love with a draenei and watched Garrosh throw Gorehowl as his back and he died in her arms. After that, she fought him a single combat, and loss. Garrosh nearly impaled Perfectia the same way he almost impaled Taran Zhu. She pleaded with Garrosh that she might be pregnant. This enraged Garrosh even more and he slammed Gorehowl into her again harder and aiming lower, shattering her pelvis bones.

At 24 she watched Sylvanas burned the World Tree and it caused her to want to switch sides. A few weeks later Anduin Llane Wrynn tried to kill her twice during the Invasion of Lordaeron after declaring love for each other two days before. A few weeks later Anduin broke up with her officially unable to forgive himself and also believing that she was ‘safer’ for her betrayal if she believed that he was a monster.

And that’s all I got.

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Diiari’s childhood city, Shattrath, was sieged and her home was burnt to the ground. Also, her father was killed.

She was estranged from her second home in Telredor after she escaped from Outland on the Exodar. Her mother was put into a coma and eventually died because of the crash.

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My character has the trauma of coming home to find his parents dead when the Scourge invaded Quel’Thalas, then added trauma of trying to fend for himself in SIlvermoon CIty until that fateful day he picked the purse of an influential mage who somehow took pity on him and brought him on as an apprentice.

However, he’s fresh out of his apprenticeship and has no subsequent trauma…yet.

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Tillis has the loss of Gilneas and her parents behind her. She tries her best to remain hopeful that Gilneas will return to it’s former glory under the Alliance flag.

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Does Jon have trauma


But seriously, boatloads of it. He survived the destruction of Goldshire in the first war by sheer luck, hiding in the rubble of his own destroyed house before escaping to join the refugees up to Lordaeron. He became a Worgen because of a very stupid mistake of his own during the War against the Lich King. His infant son was murdered by demons during the pre-Legion demon infiltrations.

But most prominently, the event that resulted in my portraying him with (purely by accident) a fairly realistic depiction of legit PTSD (which I only realized after someone else called it that): When he was returned to society after succumbing to the Worgen Curse; his enemies captured him, used magic screwery to make him consciously aware of his actions while denying him conscious control, leaving his actions still that of a feral beast, then smuggled him onto an unsuspecting cargo ship headed into Stormwind Harbor. No one aboard that ship made it off except for Jon himself, who proceeded to chase one of his colleagues through the streets before the rest of his close allies were able to subdue him and get him proper help. Remembering this event messes him up bad.

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My character is a ex street Stormwind Rat who was rescued and a rehabilitated mind slave. That was fun to RP out years ago. Then, after bouncing for numerous trading companies amd mercenary groups. She just harded and was driven into madness.

Now she works for herself and makes all the IC coin she needs to survive! :stuck_out_tongue: Mostly contracts that range from simple assault ( causes some drama but business is business) to singing at Taverns for a couple groups on the realm.

This is a fun character lol

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She a paladin because she’s a product of mental illness and abuse. A broken, sociopathic, collection of character defects. And greatly considering getting a lot of cats.

I don’t think I should over share.

Well I was enslaved and used in gladiatorial combat for sport. I escaped and met Thrall with a similar background, but not the same. I’m one of the few orcs born on Azeroth that wasn’t corrupted by the fel and does not have green skin.

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lol, do my characters have trauma… :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:


By my own clan, my own kin.
After all I had gone through to see them prosper, my reward for attaining absolute loyalty was a blade in the chest.
Perhaps not.
Lesson learned?
Undeniably obtained.