Does your character have trauma?

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Oliver remembers Gilneas. The chaos, getting separated from family members, not knowing if they would survive. He was barely a teenager then, but when the worgen filled the streets and people needed to be evacuated, the millitia slapped a hunting musket on his back and sent him to escort a group of people so they could reach Duskhaven safely.

He remembers being terrified the first time he encountered undead and how hopeless he felt upon seeing his reflection on the water after he finished the ritual of balance and finally realized fully what he had become.

Somehow, he and the other civillians escaped and settled in Darnassus. He lived there for over a decade, learning to cope with the curse, to hunt with bow and arrow, to connect with nature on a level he barely could comprehend and then…more chaos, another evacuation, suddenly he was homeless again. More casualities this time, loved ones gone.

He’s too scared to settle down again, now he just travels and hunts for food and gold. Can’t be at one place for too long or starts having trouble with his anger and the curse, having anxiety attacks and sleepless nights. The only safe place is the road ahead.

Apart from this, Ollie is pretty sweet. Gentle giant kind of a personality and such. Azeroth could use more therapists so the poor guy could have a break


No, because it’s not a story that I’m interested in writing.


Absolutely! In a world filled with war, how could they not? o:


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Mine Right here Landusk have This growing story since Mop

Ever since mop Landusk Been Living under Garrosh shadow, Form cata to even pass shadowland He can not escape Garrosh Shadow… Thing he done…

I fought tooth and nail in karahson wild in the pvp back in thedays…

I bleed for the Horde… to see it all came crashing down…twice…

There not many who remember Kor’korn what they did… As He Lost eye durning war of thorn as Got burn scar been face shove on burning wood…

Landusk Have suffer to Bring some one to justice He don’t need to tell some he is his scar…

he Fought long and hard… Earn back sanity he have left… As He was bright eye grunt explore now he A bitter dilution vet Knowing He have to fight hard to keep the peace of the world.


Having your people attacked and murdered by demons = trauma.
Enduring the ritual to become a Demon Hunter to save them = deep trauma.
Being rejected by your people because of that choice = deep compounded trauma.

  • In her quest for inner peace, Arcra befriended a Monk, who taught her meditation. Helped somewhat. (She also learned some martial arts, which is why she doesn’t need huge glaives.)
  • In the Shadowlands afterlife, she went Night Fae in hopes of reclaiming some feeling of being in a foresty home. Minimal effect.
  • Arcra found some kinship with the Dracthyr, but not enough for real inner peace.
  • She returned to the Shadowlands to join the Venthyr, figuring their influence might be the best counteragent to the demonic forces inside her. Helped the most by comparison, but not enough.

She still has issues, and sometimes her monster rules.