Does WOW just hate paladin mains?

Idk about wow but I sure do. (minus 2 exceptions to the rule)

i know the guy who asked the question (he used to be a general discussion regular) and he said that response crushed him emotionally for a bit
he has retained an undying hatred for demon hunters for taking meta from demo

I knew a demo lock who loved nuking pepple with chaos wave in PvP.

That really added salt to the wound, seeing meta taken away and given to another class.

You must be new here, OP.

From where and when I grew up, (Ret) Paladin was synonymous with “TO THE GROUND!”

You gotta rememeber who laid down the baseline design philosophy for WoW classes.

Tigole & Furor. Two major players in an Everquest raid guild called Fires of Eternity? … Heaven? Who cares.

Anyway… They HATED Paladins and Paladin players in EQ and when they came onboars for WoW Vanilla, that translated into Paladins being treated as second class citizens from 1.0 until 3.4. There are still echoes of that baseline design philosophy visible today.

  1. outside DShield Paladins have next to no noteworthy defenses.

  2. their best spec has ALWAYS been Holy. Prot has come close a few times but Holy has always been the Class Powerhouse.

  3. they have been the offensive wheelchair spec since 1.0. The one time they had reliable, useful offensive mobility their damage was crushed so bad it didnt matter

  4. the bandaid that gets thrown at them for any issues has always been MOAR DAMIJ, which inevitably gets overnerfed (TO THE GROUND, BABY) leaving them crippled offensively.

  5. their entire class is balanced around their primary defensive - Divine Shield - which now has multiple hard counters which they have zero realistic answer to.

I dont blame Paladin players for feeling hated and i never will. Dev Team has a decade+ long history of :eggplant:ing them in the :peach:

Ret Players specifically. They just want to be allowed to enjoy the game with the spec they like. But Blizzard openly hating on and mocking them for as long as they did ingrained that same hatred into the playerbase by showing them its ok to hate Paladin players openly.

well pallies were OP for so long so I don’t care if your weak TBH.

WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT although, is that pretty much every class is wonky and not paid attention to for example my poor Shaman. Neglected for over 10,000 years. NEGLECTED SINCE WRATH and was strong in CATA then got neglected again ever since.

I’m sorry, while this is more or less true, this talking point makes me cackle every time, because boomkin’s only notable defensive CD is literally worse than Divine Protection after its recent buff.

Wish we had Divine Shield to complain about. Or Lay on Hands.

buff boomkins defensively pls


Theres already a boomkin thread. Dont hijack.

It just needs to be reiterated because paladins got attention for being incessantly whiny all over the forum while boomy’s “attention” is talent tree downgrades, despite being worse off defensively. Sorry not sorry.



Well, that’s just a silly assertion that’s stuck in the distant past. I literally played ret before its ruinous redesign in Legion, which removed so much of the skill cap involved with Empowered Seals (RIP WoD ret).

Believe me, I’m happy ret’s getting a redesign, even if it looks to be a potentially obnoxious one. But paladin players have been loud af over their defensive state which is objectively better than boomy’s, which has also been the victim of poor design choices since WoD/Legion.

It just makes me laugh when Divine Protection is rightfully considered a nothingburger, but is 10% stronger than our lone defensive CD. That’s all. Wry amusement.

distant past


This crabs in a bucket mentality youve got works only to your detriment. Trying to pull them down wont bring you up.

Is your reading comprehension lacking? You said that players think it’s okay to hate on paladin because of things from 2004. That’s what the “distant past” comment was about. People dunk on any spec/class depending on their posters’ actions in the current relative to its power.

And I haven’t tried to bring paladins down. Literally said I’m happy they’re getting redesigned because their design has been atrocious since Legion. If only they’d have removed Divine Steed too!

I only drew a comparison between their supplemental defensive being stronger than our main defensive, because the differing attitudes toward them on the forum makes me laugh.

It seems like they love Paladins to me. It’s the rest of the WoW arena community that has no respect for Paladins.

Easiest healer, easiest melee, and easiest tank. You never feel like out get outplayed vs Pally. You lose to them because something they’re doing is over tuned or straight busted.

Now Prot Paladin has a bracket by itself to abuse and boost players. It’s actually wild!

Now everyone who never broke 2400 in any other expansion rerolled Pally in SL and thinks they’re big skill. When literally has not been anything spec more busted than all 3 Pally specs.

They’ll always be the degenerate class in WoW and SL Glad will always be the degenerate glad that meant nothing.

I mean here we are 19 years later and youre doing it right now.

Insisting Ret stays dumpstered for reasons because youre convinced you have it worse.

Youre going about this wrong. If instead you said:

if the Ret rework works out well, Boomkin really needs to be next and heres why:

NOBODY would object.

Show me where I did that. I in fact did the complete opposite.

show me where i did that

paladins are whiny

my defensives are worse

fix ME instead

Your attitude is everything my guy. Change up how you say things and people will react way better.

They already said, the Ret rework would affect other spec via the class tree. Like how Divine Toll is going into the class tree now, and pretty sure more changes like these will happen.

Fear not, brave paladin, for World of Warcraft does not hate thy kind. The truth is, the game does not discriminate, it only rewards the skilled and the steadfast. And in the realm of PvP, the protection paladin reigns supreme, the very pinnacle of might and fortitude.

Forsooth, the protection paladin is unmatched in the arena, where they defend their allies with holy magic and sturdy shield. Their unwavering devotion to the light grants them unmatched resilience, enabling them to persevere in even the most dire of circumstances. And as they conquer their foes, they prove that the power of the paladins should never be underestimated.

And so, let us sing the praises of the protection paladin, a shining beacon of hope in a world of darkness. A faithful defender, a peerless warrior, who, with sword and shield, defends the innocent and crushes their enemies. Huzzah, huzzah, for the protection paladins!

Okay, but…