Does Silvanas still care about causing chaos

Like she has evruthing she wants at this point in the lore.

Since when has she ever been motivated purely by causing chaos?


How exactly does Sylvanas have everything she wants? I’m not even sure the writers know what Sylvanas wants.


If you mean causing death to empower the Jailer, and herself, their plan is past that stage at this point.

Also, ya know, she’s no longer part of the Jailer’s plan.

Why did she even cause all that death again? to empower herself just to break the helm?

It all seems pointess now.

The Jailer’s plans are so far ahead of everyone, not even the WoW writing team knows his plans.


No she doesn’t. Sylvanas doesn’t have anything either, she actually just lost everything. Her plans just blew up in her face, her allies are all dead or gone. She’s utterly alone and a prisoner in our custody. Zovaal’s still winning, but she is not.

Her end goal wasn’t to cause chaos, she wanted to revamp the afterlife to something more agreeable. All the problems she caused on Azeroth were just an “ends justify the means” thing that she thought would be worth the price if it helped the Jailer do what he needs to do.

Now that they’ve parted ways she’s likely to try to help us against him. Zovaal’s definition of victory is the exact opposite of what she was going for.


Well, yes, that’s what happens when you do a sudden 180. Everything you were doing before is now counter to what you are doing now.


She doesn’t have everything at this point. She’s lost everything. The writers haven’t even given us a good reason for her to have lost everything so this feels like a loss more than it feels like a victory. If this was fan service to Sylvanas fans, thier efforts sank like a lead ballon.

No, she’s captured. She passed out at the end of SoD and Bolvar says she’s being held captive by the Ebon Blade on the Arbiter’s platform.

Alright, maybe I’m remembering old removed dialogue. I don’t even remember where I got that from. Sorry.

It’s okay :slight_smile:

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“What!? I’m going to get punished for years of doing evil things!? That SO unfair! Only OTHER people should have to suffer consequences for their actions!”


I mean, devil’s advocate, but years of doing evil things doesn’t scale correctly with possibly millennia of torment.


I disagree. By getting her soul back, she got back what she actually wanted, but didn’t KNOW she wanted. I don’t think she knew the Jailer had it, or that being reunited was even an option. And now that her soul is whole again, she has the opportunity to get the afterlife she originally deserved, instead of the one she thinks undeath forced on her.


Depends on the scale of the evil she did- oh look at that, we got multiple attempted genocides, mass murder, betrayals basically EVERYWHERE…

Which is still, as best, a long time in Revendreth getting omnomnomed by Venthyr until she repents.


you are right. I guess her getting her soul back was a reward in itself. I momentarily forgot that was the reward for all of this, It may be shortlived if Tyrande and the heroes don’t give her mercy. I do trust that she will eventually get Nathanos back because she has some leverage in knowing where the jailer is going. But it seems like even she may think Nathanos is gone forever. It’s gonna be angsty no matter what way the coin drops. I don’t know how much more angst I can take without a sliver of hope to cling to.

that’s all I’ve got in the tank, the hope that she may be reunited with Nathanos at some point with her restored soul.

If her soul is 100% restored it will take all of 2 minutes for Sylvanas to “repent” for the things she did while influenced by the curse of death and Zovaal’s soul splitting trick.


The Venthyr to a 100% restored Sylvanas.


Oh for sure.

Then it’s off to Malraxxis so the Ranger General can fight forever.

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Really, all her plans (her=Sylvanas before getting the rest of her soul back) have to be in ashes. The more fair reality isn’t going to happen, she has lost much of her power and is captive to those who have no lover for her, and, for many, total hatred.