Does Silvanas still care about causing chaos

Getting the rest of her soul back = reward? Not sure it is that simple.

If you take the reasonable assumption that raised Sylvanas and ranger-general Sylvanas are two different people. It is certain possible that the former would have turned it down, while the latter presumably would welcome it.

They are not two different people. RG Sylvanas and Banshee Queen Sylvanas are the same person.

Not sure why this is such a misconception.

Sylvanas has always been the same person. Only raised, she was under varrying degrees of mind control from Arthas to the Jailer.


Well, I’m not sure I think it is mind control. And I have to say I don’t think a mind controlled person is really “the same person”.

It looked to me completely like Sylvanas turned on the jailer on her own free will. There was no evidence of any control lifted.

I think he took the part of her soul that would object to the methods the jailer wanted her to use and then lied to her about his goals.

He took the Morals but not the Free Will in otherwords. The Darkness in Sylvanas’s Soul promptly capitalized on the removed Morals and grew to fill the Void inside her.

Arthas also had his Soul drained but it was not the Morals that were taken from him but the Immorality which the Darkness that rests inside all Souls capitalized on to grow to fill the Void. As you can guess the Darkness was less interested in Self-Righteously Justifying itself and more in claiming power.

Incidentally the constant draining of Arthas’s Soul prevented the Darkness from bonding with Arthas’s Morals so it became a separate Personality that the last vestiges of Arthas’s Soul gnawed at until it got shoved into Frostmourne!

Incidentally when Lysonia got Uther(the source of the Forsworn’s Domination Magic) to start shoving his Soul’s Domination Energies into the Paragon of Humility his Morals started coming back. In otherwords both Darkness and Domination was in Uther’s Soul and he managed to get rid of the Darkness(but not the Domination) only for Lysonia to be consumed by it!

Lysonia also had a chunk of her Soul ripped out of her by the Paragon of Purity just to extract the Memories tied to her becoming Forsworn. End result: She got consumed by both her Darkness and Uther’s Darkness!

Lysonia overreached when she got Uther to start pouring his corruption into the Paragon of Humility at full blast just to access the Pride he doesn’t have. Trying to subvert the Paragons to their opposite was Lysonia’s mistake as she should have been capitalizing on the Vices that complement their Virtues. The Paragon of Humility’s most obvious Vice would be Fear. Fear that Lysonia refused to capitalize on!

Of course the fact that Uther was able to expend the Darkness before he expended the Domination Magic shows that Darkness in the Soul is not infinite despite growing with the size of the hole in one’s Soul.

Uther had us to help him reunite with his Soul Fragment but Sylvanas just had her Soul Fragment abruptly shoved in! She might have multiple personalities!

Of course extracting the Banshee Queen(with a Mourneblade in all likelihood) might simply leave a bigger hole for the Darkness to capitalize on and without subtlety(probably giving us the 7th Cosmic Force’s true face and voice(inb4 someone says it’s Amon from StarCraft)) forcing us to figure out how to extract the Darkness into the Mourneblade.

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Counter speculation:

What happened to her wasn’t that bad, because Arthas and Zovaal simply changed her eye color. All undead should be compared to Faol because he’s the standard for the curse of undeath. The DKs is also a group that are a shining example of perfect undeath because they only commit just a teensy wincy amount of atrocities and war crimes, because scale matters.

I think last time I was here someone was trying to scramble to convince me that Sylvanas and Thassarian went through similar experiences because both were killed by Frostmourne and resurrected into the Curse of Undeath and later freed.

Alas anyone that has an average understanding of the lore knows that they both weren’t killed by Frostmourne. You bring up good points about Uther and Sylvanas, but I think a glaring difference is one was raise into undeath via necromancy, and the other spent eons in golden fields with his own team of angelic therapists to guide him.


Part of the problem I see in things about Sylvanas is that we don’t really have good words in english for what must be there.
So it is an idea which needed literary development to convey what the devs thought/think was/is there; then the words put around it would be clearer in context.

Mind Control, in the sense pictured with the Priest spell, or as we would imagine it ourselves, it isn’t.
But, that’s not to say it isn’t, effectively, mind control; and that is a word set trying to describe the issue.

Our real world view of souls cannot convey into WoW.
Moving then to a WoW soul can be purged of memories; it can be split; it can be killed; we end up facing the eventuality that WoW souls can be altered and subverted.
It would be a kind of mind control to subvert a soul to make it amenable to someone else’s desires and/or actions.
Thus, your last sentence:

That is a mind control. It’s obtaining the person’s aid or compliance via changing the person, against their will (without their knowledge is against their will). That WoW is dropping the physical mind from the equation in this isn’t changing that it is control of the thought process of the person.

That the Jailer didn’t jump to total Domination with Sylvanas doesn’t make his controlling her less sinister; it makes it more so.

Don’t leave out that he seems to have been patient zero for making a civil war in Bastion. He himself was subverted, and furthered the Jailer’s ends.

lol, I think that was unintentional, although his “Devos made me do it, blame her for everything” excuse was lame and unbelievable. I personally think he needs more time with his angelic therapist before coming to terms with how he was affected by the soul split.

“I always dreamed that one day I would be in a coma and at the mercy of three Alliance leaders and the Lich King!” - Sylvanas, apparently


What is with the recent trend of necroing old threads on the story forums lately?

I mean… nothing new has happened in WoW. Multiple books pushed back. Not much to talk about that hasn’t already been posted.

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