Does anyone work on classic?

I’ve been following the “Team Lead for Vanilla World of Warcraft” Mark Kern (@Grummz) on twitter. His online presence strikes me as odd.

Is anyone working on this game? Mark seems to have no attention or interest in Classic, instead constantly promoting fundraisers for his indie game, which by the looks of it could only be sold on the Steam platform with the rest of the anime sex games.

Is this what Blizzard devs do now? Since when was this product called Vanilla World of Warcraft, I thought this was Classic not Vanilla…

Serious question… what the are these people doing? is there anyone even working on this game?

The player base has been nothing but outraged by the way this entire experience has been handled, now looking at development it seems no one cares or is even working on the project.

Please prove me wrong, because I sure am not the only one to notice complete lack of attention & support this game has gotten from Blizzard


I’m sure that @Mark Kern tag will get his attention.


Just to make sure we are on factual therm here .

Mark Kern stop working for Blizzard 10 years ago . Probably even more but he certainly not working for Blizzard right now


This is a key turn operation for blizzard at the moment. Think of it like a soda vending machine that some guy sets and forgets it until he goes back to stock once a month and collect coins.


Ok, I read into it wrong. Thought he was tasked with Classic, didn’t realize Vanilla was in reference to the project 15 years ago. That makes sense now

So who the heck is in charge of this game?


They are taking a hands off approach so the outrage can be responded to with, “We told you so. You thought you did, but you didn’t.”


the term is “turn key” operation. but yes

What’s wrong with you people on classic fourms! This isn’t a new game, it’s a game that came out 15years ago thats free when you sub to retail. Why on earth do you people expect things to be added or change. Go to retail if you want changes


it more or less feels like things are intentionally staged to play out in the worst way possible- which when played out turns out worse than our lowest expectations

and despite all the community’s comments and suggestions they ignore it, go ahead with some weird demented version of the game everyone cried out against.

i am not the only one thinking they are just looking to justify their claim “you think you want this but you don’t”

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No, in this case is "key turn: since it’s ghetto and janky.

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the problem have been the changes added to classic. it is not vanilla. they aren;t even trying to replicate an authentic experience.

its been designed as a money grab, constructed to consume the fewest amount of resources


He says about a game that exists today, full of changes compared to what actually existed 15 years ago


I’m so tired of u retail babys crying for changes if you want it so bad go to retail it’s not hard. I only pray that blizzard keeps ignoring you guys, we don’t need bg changes we don’t need lfg we don’t need any of these changes they all in retail go have a look


Blizzard never said it was. They said this was the closest thing to vanilla they could do. You either like it or you don’t.

It’s essentially a lazy port of an old game. It is what is. You should be grateful you got this much, since blizzard didn’t want to do this at all. They got berated into doing something that they never wanted to do. Don’t expect them to baby this project or work hard on it.


Nobody is asking for those kind of changes. People actually want changes so that things behave more like Vanilla, not less.


Not a retail baby, I was (and still am) an advocate for no changes, but the no changes movement failed champ. This version of the game is simply a close approximation of vanilla. It is in no where close to being a replica or even a “museum piece” at this point.

Edit: WTF autocorrect?!


You realize he has not worked for Blizzard entertainment for over a decade right?

Yes he was the team Lead for World of WarCraft, but that’s back when it was “Vanilla”…

Some one else is in charge of “Classic WoW 2019”, a game based on Vanilla WoW running on a worse game engine on a server system that makes the game feel strange.

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That’s exactly it Karai, I was typing something similar, but you said it already