Does anyone play mechagnomes?

I find them to be really ugly in all honesty. Most of my transmog looks bad on them and I really don’t know what class to play as. They just don’t look great in cloth gear and I can only see myself maybe playing a DK? I kinda wish you could transmog over their legs and arms.

i decided a priest one to be my main for my alliance switch

Yeah the not being able to transmog their arms and legs bugs me a bit, but yeah I have one.

I do, it’s awesome.

Not sure how to describe it but it’s a fun challenge to work through making pretty mogs for it which I enjoy.

I’m not alliance so no

I thought about it and then realized Vulpera are just a 10x better

I don’t even like the regular gnomes, let alone the pirated version.

I Returned to the game when the 2x landed (20 march) and on the horde side, I’ve seen like 3 max, on the alliance side I’ve seen something like 5-6? Ton of more void elves and Kultiran in alliance counterpart, and well on horde you see all AR

Mechagnomes are awesome.

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Love them.

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Of course!

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Its weird how regular gnomes are arguably the cutest (Maybe 2nd nowadays) race, but mechagnomes are… the opposite

I have one, but like most of my alts, I’ve put off leveling him for some time.

Their racials are really nice and it’s nice to be able to open lockboxes, chests, and doors without having to be a rogue or need to use profession items.